Rhetoric & Homiletics: Which Pastors Are AWOL?

The Bible Is For The Real World.
Is The Bible For The Real World?


bible truth

Here is what we say and believe . . . .

  • The Scriptures are our guide for life and living.
  • Jesus desires to address and affect ALL areas of life!
  • The Scriptures guide our church choices, marriages, families, moving, use of money, children rearing, language, relationships, employment & employers, activities, amusements . . . .

How about our trials? 

Do the Scriptures address our . . . .

Health Concerns?
Financial Stability?

. . . . whether they be — Real-to-Imagined /   Partially-True-to-Totally False?  

I am amazed again after another week of pandemic news and another week of listening to a number of biblical messages from various sources that many are not focused on where people are and where God’s people are midst all that is happening. 

The fact is, this is clearly a time of trial for all people, and even God’s people.  Where are the biblical messages which speak to life and living in March-April of 2020?  Do pastors believe that the Bible is for the real world?

√ Unless some think the over 50,000 dead is a hoax — with it now approaching and probably over 60,00 this week — in approximately 40 days.

√ Unless some think there is no present economic crisis — regardless of what should have, could have, might have been done.

√ Unless some think the economic side of the crisis will disappear quickly with no lingering consequences.

√ Unless some believe that real people are not facing losing all they have invested their lives into for years — and some perhaps of your congregation.

On my way to pick up dinner from Carrabba’s — decided to use the cards we have before they are unusable —  I saw an older man on the corner of the food-mall-stores with a sign for his dining establishment.  I arrived home and told my wife that we need to go for take-out from his place next.  REAL people are REALLY struggling.

√ Unless some think that it is ungodly to feel concern, anxiety, or fear — not overwhelmed by any, but disconcerted by it all.

If the Scriptures address all of life, then the Scriptures address life and living midst all that is happening now — March-April-June? 2020.

Sermons in the midst of the crisis ought to speak in a way that is different from any other time, and see biblical truths and passages in light of these times like never before.

What do believers and pastors have to say to people and God’s people, which is uniquely biblical — not political, but biblical.

What truths and Scriptures ought to calm the waters, not excite the passions or fears

How do pastors lead God’s people besides the “still waters” rather than stirring up the waters of political divisiveness?

Whether the church has a legitimate, credible, and unique vantage on what is happening —  and can communicate that vantage —  may either diminish the church’s message of hope, peace, and faith or weaken it even further.


Not Practical!

Living In An Ivory Tower.

Disconnected From The Real World!

Doesn’t Know Where His People Are.


You may have dismissed those comments in the past, but it may be a legitimate argument and proved to be so very true by this fiery trial and your sermons.


The Bible Is For The Real World.

That Is What We Preach!


Some Pastors-Preachers May Be


If there is anytime a pastor can be practical, this is it.

Don’t complain about those like Andy Stanley if you can’t be as practical in this crisis.

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