Rhetoric and Homiletics: Free 68 Page Book Of Unique Illustrations

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Illustrations With Additional Helps To Use & Develop Them.

Listen to how Andy Stanley takes a historical figure, and gleans a statement from that individual and event, and uses it!


That is the value of doing a little research on this-or-that event or person.

Andy did his homework — and it is work to research it, select the details for use, put together the selected details in a concise way, and present it!


With a little homework, you can develop illustrations that are equally effective.  A lot of that “homework” has been done for you in this book of illustrations.

This  68 page book provides unique sermonic “Illustration Packages.”  

Each account is an “Illustration Package.”  It includes a surplus of information and detail on various individuals and events.

The information and details far exceed what can or should be used in a message or speech.  You would belabor and/or weary an audience by including with all the information included.

Select the information and details needed to make and drive your point.

    • Read through the details and information concerning the person or event.
    • If you would like to verify or read more about the person or event, the links are provided.
    • Select what information and/or details you would like to use.
    • Look through some of the suggested sermonic ideas.
    • Develop your illustration and presentation of the person or event and make it your own.
    • Use it to . . . .
      • introduce your message
      • frame the Big Idea
      • illustrate a point / drive a key thought
      • close the sermon



If you want, check out a 9 page sample by Clicking Here.


Click on this link and download the entire Free 68 Page Book Of Unique Illustrations – Volume #1




Let me encourage you  to contact me (TMart2007@Gmail.com) about any grammatical or spelling errors that need to be addressed.  No matter how many times I read and re-read it, I am certain I have made mistakes and/or missed some.

Please Indicate Page # and anything else to help me find and correct the error, as well as how it might be better stated.


Attention:  Some Editing Rules Of The Road

Just so that the readers understand some of the purposeful decisions which have been made regarding this manuscript.

#1) More often than not, the word “he” will be used to refer to both men and women / male and female. I think “he/she” is too clumsy and I am not comfortable with trying to rewrite the sentence so that the word “they” can be used. I will be using”he” for the sake of simplicity, while recognizing that I am speaking to both “he-s and she-s.”

#2) The grammatical rules concerning the use of “commas” has changed over my life-time. “Put a comma in whenever you take a breath” and/or “the use of the “Oxford Comma” or “Harvard Comma.”

Punctuation and grammar rules have changed – whether it be the permitted use of split infinitives, beginning a sentence with a conjunction (But, And), ending with a preposition, the use of “who” versus “whom,” the use of the singular “they – and even the ellipsicolon.”

My approach to the use of commas is, – There is room for the discretionary use of commas. If using a comma helps clarity the so-called grammatical commas rules should be ignored.

#3) Likewise, the use of a preposition at the end of a sentence is grammatically incorrect. I understand that, but will again ignore it if the sentence reads better and the sense of the sentence is improved.

#4) My layout is aimed at providing a visual experience. If you would like to see this approach in full use, check out the “Little Book” series published by Jeffrey Gitomer. Years ago, I came across his books, and have since sought to adopt his approach.



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