Rhetoric and Homiletics: Free Book On The Prophet Elijah

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Practical Principles From
The Old Testament Prophet, Elijah

This Free 176 Book On Elijah was started years ago, along with my son, Matthew Martens, who is presently a practicing attorney and partner at WilmerHale, Washington, D.C.

Because of the pandemic, I have had an immense amount of time to bring it all together and back to life. 

This 175-page book not only provides a study of Elijah, as found in I Kings 17-19 but also includes two additional lines of information (“More About” and “Side-bar“) for developing possible sermonic illustrations.

Check out the sample below, and then ask for the free 176-page book on The Old Testament Prophet — Elijah.

Request this Free Book On Elijah by providing only your . . .

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We respond to all requests by the end of the day.


You Can View The First Chapter Of This Free Book By Clicking Here.


P.S.  Please also feel free to send me any proof-reading corrections.  

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