Today’s Illustration: “The Night Before”

Sometimes it is titled . . .

  • “Silent Saturday,”
  • “The Night Before Easter,” [1] [2]
  • “The Night Before.”

At other times, the whole Easter season is stated in one simple statement . . . . .

It’s Friday, but Sunday’s Coming!


The Night Before

The night before: The disciples believed that their Passover meal with Jesus was the Last Supper they would have with Him.\.

The night before: Peter knew that his vow of unswerving allegiance, along with all of the disciples, was hollow.

The night before: Judas had already realized that he had condemned an innocent man and had already returned the money given to him by the religious authorities.

The night before: The disciples were still confused and frightened over what had happened.

The night before: Annas, Caiphas, Herod, and Pilate all believed that the illegal trials had accomplished their ends — the death of this man Jesus.

The night before: Pilate’s wife had no idea how true her words were to her husband days before.

The night before: Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimethea believed that Jesus’ body would remain in that tomb.

The night before: The soldiers guarding the tomb were only concerned about His disciples’ possible stealing of the body.

The night before: The cries — “Crucify Him” were only now memories in the minds of that angry crowd.

The night before: The bodies of the two malefactors who were crucified alongside Jesus were lying in the garbage pit of Jerusalem.

The night before: The spear which pierced the side of Jesus was seated somewhere other than Mt. Calvary.

The night before: There was no one being crucified on Mt. Calvary.

The night before: There were no earthly tremors or ancient cemetery tombs being opened.

The night before: One of the soldiers standing at the cross just days ago was still convinced that an innocent man was crucified, and He was the Son of God.

The night before: Thomas was overwhelmed with doubts and despair.

The night before: The disciples were hiding out in fear of their lives.

The night before: A crown of thorns was lying somewhere on the ground, stained with the blood of Jesus.

The night before: The cross upon which Jesus was crucified was on the same mount, awaiting another day of crucifixion.

The night before: Pilate was confident that his appointed guard had secured the tomb.

The night before: Three women made plans to visit the tomb and anoint the body of Jesus.

The night before: Mary, the mother of Jesus, had memories of her son being crucified, with no hope of ever seeing her son again.

The night before: Two disillusioned disciples never entertained the thought they would be joined by Jesus on their walk to Emmas.

The night before: Jesus was still wrapped in grave clothes.

The night before: Satan believed that he had defeated the Son of God.

The night before: Our sin debt was still not fully satisfied.

The night before: The certain fall and defeat of sin, death, and Satan were not yet accomplished.

The night before: There was no hope of a bodily resurrection in a new heaven and a new earth.

The night before: There was no talk about Jesus coming yet again, no less in great power and great glory.

The night before:  His disciples were disheartened, doubting, confused, fearful, faithless, and/or without hope!

The night before: He was still lying in a borrowed tomb, the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

The night before: The tomb was sealed and guarded.

The night before: He was still lying in a borrowed tomb, the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

The night before: NO ONE expected what was about to take place!

The night before: NO ONE expected that a revolution was about to begin.

The night before: NO ONE expected that the shock waves would be felt around the world for over 2000 years!


P.S. Now That Will Preach A Message Of Hope!

— Ted Martens —


1.  — / Gaither


With a quick glance I knew ’twas a backflash of time,
I envisioned the form of my Savior Divine.
More rapid than eagles, my memory raced,
To another time and another plac.

Where Christ, Lord of all, called each one by name–
“Follow Me,” was His Word, and they willingly came.
They watched Him perform deeds of wondrous love;
They knew His power came from God above.

Yet we (you and me, folks!) just led him to die;
In the dark of a tomb our Savior did lie.
But then in another flash of great power,
I saw Him arise–death conquered that hour!

He was robed all in white, with radiant glow;
He stood in great splendor, this Savior I know.
His eyes with loving compassion shown,
I knew in that moment I need ne’er be alone.

His hands were outstretched as this One bid me come;
The work of redemption forever done.
I stood there in silence, in humble awe,
As the Reason of Easter – I now clearly saw.

Then quickly as the scenes had appeared,
They faded–I felt not one moment of fear.
I bowed low in worship; earth’s sight now so dim;
I had seen Easter’s morning; I had been there with Him.

As I saw Him, with faith’s eyes, lifted above,
The night before Easter was filled with pure love.
And I heard him exclaim as He rose out of sight,
“A Blessed Easter to all! I have conquered your night!”


Just Days Before: Jesus raised up Lazarus from the dead in the sight of multitudes!

Just Days Before: The crowds shouted “Hosanna” as He walked into Jerusalem.

Just Days Before:  He had overturned the tables of the money changers in what He said was His Father’s house.

Just Days Before:  He was anointed with the oil that Mary had poured on His head.

Just Days Before:  Judas was asked if he would deliver Jesus to authorities for 20 pieces of silver.

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