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This blog is written by a Grace Theological Seminary graduate and one who has also been formally trained in Classical Rhetorical Theory.

My major professor at college was Dr. John Reed (who later became the head of the homiletics program at Dallas Theological Seminary). He encouraged me to pursue a degree in Rhetoric at Bowling Green State University.

After I had received my M.A. from BGSU in “public address,” I enrolled in seminary. It did not take long to realize that homiletics can merely be — “Fundamental of Speech – 101 For Preachers.”

After taking my first class in homiletics, I decided that I needed to sit under a homiletic professor who had been classically taught.  Therefore, I enrolled in a class taught by just such a man and have never regretted it!

During the summer between my Freshman and Middler year of seminary, I lived in Chicago and took “Homiletics II” at Trinity Evangelical School. I had the privilege of sitting under a great teacher of theory, Dr. Lloyd Perry.

That experience in my middler year of seminary made all the difference! After completing my seminary education (M.Div), I pursued a degree (Ph.D.) in Rhetoric & Public Address at Ohio University.

It was there and then that I came to understand some of the most fundamental classical concepts of communication. Early on, I began to realize how valuable classical rhetorical thought could and should be to the teaching homiletics — not to mention preaching.

However, I also realized that most homiletical teachers have little education in classical rhetorical theory. Most were unacquainted with the fact that Aristotle had written three books on public speaking, not to mention the works of Plato, Cicero, Quintilian, and many 17th-century classical theorists who also wrote books on public address — in fact, most of the 17th-century classical theorist were primarily preachers by profession!

This site provides the practical value of CLASSICAL RHETORICAL THEORY as it intersects THE ART OF PREACHING!

Hundreds of articles are available at –“,” — which examine and explain classical rhetorical concepts and seeks to apply those concepts to the art of preaching!

This site is an outgrowth of combining classical rhetorical theory and the art of preaching!

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