Categories of Life


different occupations

At times a speaker needs to think about the different areas of life which may be represented in his audience.  Whether it is seeking to identify with one’s audience and/or to apply the passage to various areas of life, these kinds of lists may prove to be mind jogging or thought generators.

From Andy Stanley’s Introduction – on his message on James 1:25

“. . . we’re going talk about for the next few weeks is how to prepare for what’s next . . . . something coming up next that you are looking forward to”


Areas of Life

somebody is about to graduate from high school, or

graduate from college

maybe you’re about to graduate from high school

graduate from college

maybe you’re about to get married

or a wedding of your son or your daughter

grandson or granddaughter

you got a wedding in the future

maybe your brother or sister

maybe about to have a baby

maybe it’s another baby and another baby

you’re about to start a new job or

you’re looking forward to a new job

maybe a new school

maybe you’re on the verge of becoming an empty nesters

some of you  . . . retirement

next that you’re actually looking forward to . . . you see it coming and you’re excited and a little bit stressed about it

whatever is next . . . whatever’s next means a transition . . . .

a transition always means change and even if it’s a good change it results in stressed transitions

the mother of a bride to be  . . .. remember how excited she was and how stressed out she was

Remember . . . . some of you the first day that you took your firstborn child to school

You can construct either a paper or a digital notebook which continually adds to this list of “life’s areas.”  We will be presenting some more lists, of this nature, from yet other speakers.
When you need some mind joggers or thought generators, you can quickly look down the list and think about how you can add to your message or speech as it relates to these . . . .
  • areas
  • times
  • experiences
  • chapters
of life.

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