Tony Evans . . . Again – Superman

superman S Another Example of “Choose & Use”

Watch how Tony Evans sets up the images of his illustration in order to purposefully pull them down into his closing points — I’ve highlighted the words that Evans will pull down into the point he is making from his “Superman” allusion.


When I was growing up my favorite program was Superman. I loved Superman.

Now, of course, Clark Kent was a bumbling idiot.  Lois Lane couldn’t stand him.  Perry White wouldn’t use him.  Jimmy Olson would make fun of him.

But don’t let him find a telephone booth. The criminals of Metropolis would come out and wreak havoc in the city and the Daily Planet would get the story and somebody would say “Where’s Superman?” Clark Kent would get the word. I’d be sitting on my floor next to my brother. He would take off his glasses. Unhook his tie. I’d look over to my brother and say, “There he’d go.”

He’d go inside some closet, some booth and come out with a red and blue jumpsuit on. Now he wasn’t Clark Kent anymore. In fact he was totally different. Because he was now faster than a speeding bullet. He was now more powerful than a locomotive. I mean, this dude could leap tall buildings in a single bound. He goes streaking across the sky they say, “It’s a bird.” “No.” “It’s a plane.” “Uh-uh.” “It’s Superman!”

Now all of a sudden the topography of the land was changed. Now all of a sudden things became different in the city where he lived. Why? Because this man could catch bullets in his bare hand, break the nozzles of guns, squash knives. Why? Because he wasn’t from here. He was from a place called Krypton. But when he brought the power of that sphere and made it work down here in this sphere, he was able to change this sphere to look like that sphere because the power of there lived down here. He was able to transform the environment in which he was.

Many of us need to take a trip to God’s telephone booth.

  • Take off that old way of thinking.
  • That old way of walking.
  • That old way of talking.
  • That old way of relating,

and come out with an ‘S’ on our chest.

  • Now that ‘S’ doesn’t mean that you are Superman, but it does mean that you are saved.
  • That ‘S’ doesn’t mean that you are Superman, but it ought to mean that you are sanctified.
  • That ‘S’ doesn’t mean that you are Superman, but it does mean you are a saint.

So that when you go back home and people see you coming they say, “It’s a bird.” “No.” “It’s a plane.” “No.” “It’s God’s Super Saved.”


There are other examples on our site illustrating the ability of Tony Evans to — “Choose and Use.”

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