Another Topoi . . . .

 the missing link 2  The Missing Link

“Topoi” give a speaker the ability to clarify or establish a point.  For a further understanding of this classical rhetorical concept, refer to some of the previous or earliest articles.

Topoi: This “topos” could be called . . .

  • “The Missing Link”
  • “The Connection”
  • “What Connects Them”


Explanation:  There is something which spans A & B.  It is “C” which is the factor, dynamic, or element which explains what is happening.  “C” is what connects A & B.

Usage:  This topos can be used . . . .

  • in making a point
  • for giving clarity
  • for developing a truth
  • in building an argument
  • creating an introduction
  • in driving home a truth
  • in a conclusion
  • etc.


Exemplified:  Tony Evans, in a message titled “Freedom From Irresponsibility” exemplifies that “topos.”


(audio clip — Tony Evans irresponsibility @3:12 minute mark of the full message)
Because deliverance does not equal freedom.

In order to be free — that is in order to experience becoming what you were created and redeemed to be.

That will require responsibility. 

It has dawned on me. — that for so many of us that is the missing link to our arriving at our destiny.

God delivered Israel from Egypt.

But He took them on a journey of development so that they could reach destiny —  the promise land —  their freedom.

It was the goal of the deliverance to set them free to develop in order that they

might be made ready for destiny.
Now you can take that “topos” and stow it away in your mind, and call it up as you prepare a speech or a message, along with other “topos.”  The “topos” is worthy of consideration when working on any message which has nothing to do with what Tony Evans is preaching or teaching.
There just needs to be two elements, dynamics, or truths which are related, but which are incomplete without the connecting element.
Evans Structure:
Element One                              Connecting Element               Element Two
 Deliverance                                    Responsibility                        Freedom
Tony Evans’ Point:
Deliverance does not give a person freedom.
Rather, it takes responsibility after deliverance to gain one’s freedom.
The missing link is responsibility.
Let’s Try It:  I Samuel 8 — King Saul
Element One                              Connecting Element               Element Two
 Potentate                                                Heart                                  Blessed
I Samuel 8:6                                      I Samuel 16:7                       I Samuel 18:
Possible Point:
It is not having a king, a potentate, over all of Israel, which would result in Israel’s blessing.  They may have wanted a king, believing that this was the avenue of greatness and blessing, but the missing link is the heart of that king!
However, the real issue was having a potentate with the right heart.  It takes a king who has a heart like that of the Lord which will determine whether Israel is going to be a nation blessed by the Lord.
A New Testament Example: Acts 4 & 5
Element One                               Connecting Element                   Element Two
  Giving                                                Sincerity                    Meeting The Needs Of Others
 Acts 5:1                                              Acts 5:2                                   Acts 4:34-37


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