Wrapping It Up . . . .

wrap it up 2

Only 10 more articles on Rhetorical Techniques after this week, which will bring us to 250 such articles.  While I have about 170 plus articles in the WordPress Que, they will roll out sporadically as I have time over this second year.

My plan is then to go back to these 250 articles and . . . .

#1) put them “as is” all together into one pdf file for anyone who wants to download all 250.  If that is you, connect with me on LinkedIn, or my WordPress site and let me know, and I will email it to you as a downloadable pdf file.  I will do that weekly after #250.

#2) create a “table of contents.”  A “table of contents” page will help to visually scan the various topics and techniques.  It can jog your mind as to what you can do as you seek to add some meat or variety to the message.

#3) make the necessary grammatical corrections which I am sure I have missed as I work on these articles day after day.  Usually, I catch some of them a little later in the day as I re-read some of them.

#4) print these articles (and others) in full-color formatted magazine volumes (example: Ruth Chapter 1 2017 — a magazine commentary).

#5) provide them to all who find some value in using them to change up the way they speak and preach.  This is not a money-making endeavor, but is born out of a personal desire to make the teaching of “Homiletics” more effective, and from a classical perspective.

#6) lay them all out in a fuller  “Jeff Gitomer” style.  WordPress limits the ability to do that, but Adobe Indesign and other such programs allow a writer greater formatting freedom — as seen in the Ruth magazine commentary.  If you haven’t read the article on “A Visual Writing Format” click here for that link.

P.S. If you have not linked to my Twitter account — “BigIdeasDaily” — you might find that useful.  Over the previous year I compiled hundreds of possible “Big Ideas” with complimenting Bible references.  There are hundreds there (outside of about a dozen which I so indicated) which were created by me and are now yours!  Feel free to use any — as you seek to drive home a sticky idea.

P.S.S.  Hundreds (over 1500 on some days) Of People Every Day View These Articles

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