Really? We Are In Trouble! . . . .

  Sometimes I Think — We are in trouble!

Expository Preaching” is the password for any serious discussion of homiletics. While there may be some confusion and/or different dictionary definitions of that term, the reality is that if you are not committed to expository preaching you need to change directions!

Nevertheless . . . .

  • There are pulpit ministries which still spring board.
  • There are Bible-believing churches which twist the original intent of Scripture.
  • Some so-called Bible preachers-teachers have seemingly never owned or lost the “dictionary” meaning of biblical preaching.
  • There are some who apparently have not opened a serious book addressing the subject of homiletics or pulpit speech.
  • Today’s pulpits include those who lack any serious theological education and/or homiletical instruction.
  • There are pastors who are erroneously teaching others how to handle the Scriptures by their approach to preaching.
  • There are some pastors who have never been called to the ministry which is evident by their mis-handling of Scripture — their “un-giftedness” —  (“apt to teach.”)

In today’s internet-connected world, exposure to a wide swipe of church ministries cuts across the inbox of us all.  It includes . . . .

  • emails which link us to a message
  • misleading offers of so-called free “books” — which are at best a pamplet, and usually less than what we call “an article on . . . “
  • “click-bait” — The title pulls us in, but the content is often trite, bland, or hackneyed
  • links to web pages which are money-makers — The web page generates money for every visitor click.
  • shocking insights by zealots of prophetic understanding
  • cyber-seminar sellers — “Last opportunity to join the 100’s of others who will be watching today’s broadcast on “Church growth” / “10 ways to increasing giving”
  • Christian book advertisements
  • “Free” video clips
  • etc.

An example is a recent email highlighting “101 Outreach Ideas” — 101 ways to reach out to the community this summer — That number “101” somehow catches our attention!

  • I followedthe link (here is another link) / another  link).
  • Gave my email address. ( It required it.  I imagined I am now on their list for continuing ministry helps — and/or money?)
  • Received the list of outreach ideas.
  • Began scanning it — #1) “Host A City-Wide Zombie Run”
  • Was immediately taken back by some of the suggestions. (Casino Night / Poker Run / Texas Hold ’em Tournament . . . .)
  • Decided to find out who the list was connected with and the church which might be assciated with this email — “No, that can’t be the name of the church???” (
  • Googled the church name and author of the outreach list.  It is a church’s name — “Guts Church.”
  • Curiosity is now at work — Looking for a message to listen to — This could be interesting!
  • Type . . . .G-u-t-s -c-h-u-r-c-h . . . C-h-r-i-s– A-b-b-o-t-t . . . . (No, don’t include the search word “p-a-s-t-o-r” . . . . Probably just a member of guts church.)
  • Google links — Click on first one . . . .
  • Click . . . . First page comes up . . . a daily devotional — “Day 15”
  • Okay . . . Let me read it for a start.
  • The main point of the Day 15 Devotional was, “Go out to where it’s deeper.”
  • Thought — Really? – – – – Luke 5:4 was designed by the Lord and included in the Scriptures by the Holy Spirit to teach, Go out to where it is deeper?

It all fits now . . . . The 101 ideas . . . .and . . . . Day 15!

“Maybe I’m unfair! Let me keep going and listen to a actual  message . . . .”

. . . .

. . . .

. . .

No, the road markers were all pointing the direction I thought they were . . . It is all going South! 

Preaching & Outreach Are Connected

While there is confusion over what is meant by “expository preaching,” and there are some variations over what it is and is not, grabbing a word or phrase from a Bible passage isn’t it.

I have often said, “Were the author of that book of the Bible sitting in the audience listening, would they think or say — ‘What are talking about! That’s not what I was thinking or saying!’ — Or would they say — ‘Yes! Preach it.’ ”

“Expository Preaching” exposes the original intent of the author and the meaning of the text.  A passage of Scripture is not a repository of ideas, even biblical ideas, on which one can jump off and speak about.

Fortunately, “spring boarders” are generally biblical in what they have to say, even if what they are saying does not come from the passage.  That is not to excuse or justify “springboarding.”  Nevertheless, what such “springboarders” are doing is teaching the listeners a terrible and damaging methodology for handling Scripture!

Doing what was done is “exposing” something, but it isn’t “exposing” the meaning of the passage.

That’s how you also come up with some of the amazing suggestions for community outreach.

Such activities also speak a message — a non-verbal message — especially to the community you are seeking to reach with the Gospel — the Glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yes . . . .

Preaching & Outreach Are Connected

Sometimes I think — “We are in trouble!”

2 thoughts on “Really? We Are In Trouble! . . . .

  1. My style of preaching is more of a hybrid. Maybe one could describe it as “topical expository,” or something like that. I really have no problem with preaching a sermon based on a particular topic, but I use an exposited passage of Scripture to support the point. I’m not talking about “proof texting,” but actually exposition of a passage which meaning leads to the conclusion which the point of the sermon proposes. I don’t twist Scripture to meet my agenda; the Spirit leads me to where the Word speaks to the issue at hand.


    1. I agree…you hit it right on the head…topical is merely an exposition of various passages on the same topic. Topical used to be used to refer to springboarding from a passage and therefore had an ill con nation. Recently, topical is seen as a label for preach on a biblical topic in an expository manner


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