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pro football hall of fame  Having My Own Party!

On This Day:  Sunday, August 4, 2018 — T. O. Is Inducted Into The Football Hall Of Fame

Terrell Owens will not be attending the Hall of Fame ceremonies in Ohio but will be in Tennessee throwing his own party and celebration.


History & Facts:

Terrell Owens played three sports at the University of Tennessee @ Chattanooga — Football, Basketball, and Track

He was a third-round draft selection of the San Francisco 49ers in 1996.

Terrell Owens ranks eighth all-time in receptions (1,078).

He ranks second in receiving yards (15,934) [Jerry Rice ranks first].

He ranks third in receiving touchdowns (153).

He played for fifteen years for the

  • 49ers — Third round pick — 1996 – 2003 — 8 seasons
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Cincinnati Bengals

Well-know for . . . .

  • a winning 25-yard TD catch to beat Green Bay in January 1999
  • running 177 yards in a comeback win against the Giants in January 2003
  • nine catches for 122 yards in the February 2005 Super Bowl for the Eagles against New England [just seven weeks after breaking his leg]. – see link-


From Terrell Owens’ book “T. O.”

“Terrell Owens joined the Philadelphia Eagles for the 2004 season hoping to help the Eagles win the Super Bowl.  The Eagles almost did it, losing in a close game to the New England Patriots.  TO expected to have a long and productive career in Philadelphia.  But less than halfway through the 2005 season it all fell apart.  TO was suspended, first for a game, then for the season, as the Eagles blamed him for a variety of infractions.”

There are lengthy portions in Owens’ book (T.O.) about his salary, jealousy in light of what other players were making, going free agent, comparisons, renegotiating contracts, and the like!  There is little room for concluding anything else than that to Owens, what he was paid and his view of his worth, abilities, ranking and salary were all connected.

“I had just helped take this team (Eagles) to the Super Bowl and was perhaps the best player on the team.  They had failed to get to the Super Bowl three years in a row, but with me, they go there and could have won that game.  I risked my career and my contract to play in that game and try to help this team win the Super Bowl. . . . . The Eagles benefited tremendously from my contributions.  I figured they could return the favor.(financially!). . . . . I felt the team should do the right thing and reward me for the great contributions I made and would continue to make. . . . I believed I was the ultimate player and wanted to go for the ultimate contract. . . . the Eagles and I were on a collision course.”  pgs. 94-105

Owens signed a 1.47 million dollar contract with the 49ers.  Later, a 7 year 35 million dollar contract.

He signed a 25 million dollar contract with the Dallas Cowboys.



Two Explanations:  There are those who have attempted to explain the reason for Owens’ decision . . . .

A Response To Being Previously Snubbed:

(Owens was denied induction the first two years of possible eligibility.) — “Owens heavily criticized the voting process when he failed to be elected in 2016 and 2017. Among the reasons he fell short were his being considered a divisive teammate and negative presence in the locker room. . . . .

I think T.O. actually was disappointed when he got in this year,” said Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News, who presented Owens’ case for induction. “I think he was happier when he got snubbed and could play the part of the persecuted victim and moan on every radio talk show that was willing to bring him on about the unfairness of the process.”

Will Be Remembered Longer:

“Maybe he was worried that he would become forgotten after the induction ceremony. This way, he gets his gold jacket, but still will be remembered as the guy who told the hall to go stuff it.”


“Another Owens supporter in the hall voting, Jarrett Bell of USA Today, has been on the selection committee for 21 years and was “at a loss to understand” why Owens would decline to attend the inductions.

But Bell, like Baker, stressed Owens’ absence would not affect the ceremony much.”


Jarret Bell, of USA Today, and one of the members of the selection committee for 21 years said this . . . .

“Think of the players who gave their all to the sport, including many worthy of Hall of Fame consideration, who will never be enshrined. Think of the family members of former players, coaches and officials — many of whom have passed away — pushing for their loved ones to receive special recognition for career accomplishments. Then think of Terrell Owens. In that order.”


“The response to Owens’ decision, while unorthodox, has been nothing short of ridiculous, with multiple Pro Football Hall of Fame voters going so far as to say that they would not have voted for him if they had known that he would forego the ceremony.”


“It’s faith, family, and football, in that order . . . . . Like many NFL owners and league executives, they don’t know where I came from or what I believe in. They don’t want to know too much about the hired hands who make their football machines go. They want us to do our jobs and stay in our places and shut up.  They don’t want to see or hear anything that will make them think very much about the people who work for them  The press can’t understand that when I went to the star in Dallas, I wasn’t trying to taunt anyone but was thanking and honoring God for all the blessings I’ve received and for all the things I’ve been able to do for my family.  They want athletes to be role models for young people, but when I try to tell them about my spiritual foundation, they don’t want to know about it.  Real faith makes them nervous.  Athletes aren’t supposed to be real people, only trained entertainers, but reality can get in the way of a good story or a cheap opinion.” — “Catch This” — pgs. 5-6 — his first autobiography


Cowboy’s Wire:  “Terrell Owens has never played by other people’s rules so why start now?”

Owens’ speech will be about 4 hours before the official HOF ceremony begins.  By doing that he is giving his speech before . . . . Ray Lewis, Randy Moss, and Brian Urlacher.


The “Sharpie Rule.”

“Owens was involved in another highly publicized incident in October 2002 during a 49ers game against the Seattle Seahawks. When he caught a game-winning touchdown, he took a Sharpie magic marker out of his sock, signed the football, and handed it to his financial advisor, who was sitting in the stands. In response, the NFL issued what became known as the “Sharpie rule,” which called for a fifteen-yard penalty or even ejection from the game for any player who takes a foreign object onto the field.”


Read more about his background and personal life —  link:


Key Illustrative Thoughts:

Your absence won’t affect the ceremony much.
Your presence won’t affect the ceremony much.
Think of it in that order.
Think of it in light of that
God knew, and He still did it.
Declined to show up.
Making a statement.
Pride / Ego
Get your popcorn ready — maybe?
Why start now?
Holding your own celebration!
The Sharpie Rule
It is really all about money and fame.
Playing by one’s own rules
Is it faith or fortune?
Real people?
Faith, family, football
Talk & Walk
Actions speak louder than words
Which should I believe?


P.S.  Check us out on Monday, August 6th.  Let’s see if we can take away something about rhetorical techniques from his speech on August 4, 2018!

Other Information & Links

Owens’ Statement:

“I am so grateful for all of the support my family, friends, and certainly my fans, have shown me throughout my entire career in the National Football League. When it was announced that I was going to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the response received from my fans was overwhelming, and I am truly humbled. I am honored to be included among this group of fellow inducted individuals.

While I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity, I have made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in Canton. I have already shared this information with the Hall. After visiting Canton earlier this year, I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere. At a later date, I will announce where and when I will celebrate my induction.

I would also like to thank the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals for the time I was granted with each organization. I am thankful for the relationships forged and the lessons learned while part of each team.

I wish to congratulate all past, current and future inductees. It is quite an honor to be part of such elite company. This honor is something that I will cherish forever.

“Getcha popcorn ready!”


Terrell Owens


  • Only player in NFL history to score a TD against all 32 NFL teams
  • Only player in NFL history to score two or more touchdowns against all 32 NFL teams
  • Only player in NFL history to have an 800-yard receiving season with 5 different teams (Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers)
  • Only player in NFL history to have a 150-yard receiving game with 5 different teams (Bengals, Bills, Cowboys, Eagles, 49ers)
  • Only player in NFL history to have a 200-yard receiving game with 3 different teams (Bengals, Cowboys, 49ers)
  • Oldest player to accumulate 200 combined yards/receiving yards/yards from scrimmage in a single game (36 years, 300 days)
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 6 touchdowns, 2000–2010 (11) – tied with Marvin Harrison 1996–2006, Jerry Rice 1986–1996, Don Hutson 1935–1945
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 5 touchdown receptions, 2000–2010 (11) – tied with Marvin Harrison 1996–2006, Cris Carter 1991–2001, Tim Brown 1991–2001, Rice 1986–1996, Don Hutson1935–1945
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 5 touchdowns, 2000–2010 (11) – tied with Frank Gore 2006-2016, Marvin Harrison 1996–2006, Cris Carter 1991–2001, Tim Brown 1991–2001, Rice 1986–1996, Don Hutson 1935–1945
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 4 touchdown receptions, 1996–2010 (15)
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 4 touchdowns, 1996–2010 (15)
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 3 touchdown receptions, 1996–2010 (15)
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 3 touchdowns, 1996–2010 (15)
  • Consecutive seasons with at least 700 receiving yards/yards from scrimmage/combined yards 1996–2010 (15) – tied with Tony Gonzalez, 1999-2013
  • One of seven players to have at least 2 receptions of 90+ yards (John Taylor, Mike Quick, Gaynell Tinsley, Steve Watson, Willard Dewveall, and Mike Wallace)
  • One of 12 players to have at least 2 offensive TDs of 90+ yards

— source:


“I’m Back” song by Terrell Owens:

m’ma make it hard for you dudes try’na stop my show
Look it’s hard for you dudes try’na brow
Ask Philly was it hard try’na stop TO
He the main reason that the fans would come fo
But he took that hit and he bounced rite back
Got a brand new deal and his pockets is fat
Like Boost Mobile they been asking “where you at?”
And you can tell em in Dallas with your Cowboy hat
Go Big Blue
Go do what you do
Gon’ have the city goin’ crazy, fans gon’ love you
Like Ray Charles you gon’ make it Do What It Do
Still the best in the game and they know that it’s true
Gon’ take the team to the top where they used to be
I can see another trophy up in Big D
We gon’ sell a few records, be back in the Pro Bowl
One week after, we winning the Super Bowl

Im backkk
And I’m betta than ever
Im backkk
And I’m gettin’this cheedah
I’m backk
But this time I’m a Cowboy
I’m backk
And I got em sayin “Wow Boy”
Im backkk
And I’m betta than ever
Im backkk
And I’m gettin’this cheedah
I’m backk
But this time I’m a Cowboy
I’m Back
And I got em sayin “Wow Boy”

[Verse 2]
I am back with a vengeance
I’m back on the mission
Got the reciepe bro, so I’m back in the kitchen
Try’na take me out the game people saying I’m missing
Got the whole worlds undivided attention
This a brand new year
Got a brand new team
I’m a Cowboy now, no more black and green
And to the hata’s who said I wouldn’t get my money
I’m laughing in ya face, haha that’s funny
When it comes to this game, I’m the best on the field
Some said i was gonna sign just a one-year deal
But I got what I wanted up front, ten mil.
Change the rules of the game so now how you feel?
See when I work my magic, when I catch that rock
I dominate like Shaq when he’s downon the block
And this prolly be my best season by far
No more get my eagle on, meet me at the star


Terrell Owens announces date of 'his' Hall of Fame acceptance speech

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