Today’s Illustration: Blended or Mixed?

blended colors  Blender Vs. Mixer

On This Day:  In 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the kitchen and laboratory blender.

Stephen Poplawski was the owner of the Stevens Electric Company.  Later “in 1932, Poplawski, received patents for a machine that would reduce fruits and vegetables to a liquid.”


Facts & Information:

“The blender would not have come into being without the invention of the small electric motor in 1910. The new motor, which was known as the fractional horsepower motor, made possible the invention of many appliances, including the blender.” — softschools

His beverage mixer blender was developed for the Arnold Electric Company and received Patent Number US 1480914 — “The appliance was designed to make soda fountain drinks.” — [It] “had been designed to make Horlicks malted milkshakes at soda fountains.”)

L.H. Hamilton, Chester Beach and Fred Osius formed the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company in 1910 which made changes and improvement on the original design.

Fred Waring also sought to improve the blender and Fred Waring made “Waring” a household name through his kitchen blender — originally the “Waring Blendor”.  Fred Waring was an orchestra leader and he would promote his blender at the different musical gigs at which his band performed.

Dr. Jonas Salk used the Waring blender in the development of his polio vaccine.

“Starting in the 1950s the blender became widely used in hospitals and labs. It was a vital scientific research tool for Dr. Jonas Salk.” — softschools

“The Waring Blender (originally called the Miracle Mixer) debuted in 1937 and sold for $29.75. By 1954 one million Waring Blenders had been sold.”

“In 1946 John Oster, owner of the Oster barber equipment company, bought Stevens Electric Co. and designed its own blender, which Oster commercialized under the trademark Osterizer.”

All different kinds of blenders are sold under different names and with a variety of features and changes.

Turmix by Germany
The Bullet
Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Blender
Blendtec Blender
Oster Rapid Blend
Immersion Blenders
Magic Bullet

A blender is designed to so something far different from the mixer.  The blender is designed to blend the ingredients by using sharp blades which chop all the ingredients into smaller pieces to make a single smooth, consistent mixture.

The mixer is designed to mix different ingredients together without cutting or chopping the ingredients. Some of the ingredients may continue to exists in their original form while being mixed with other ingredients.

Blenders can’t make dough.
Mixers can’t make smoothies.

Blenders are not designed to scramble eggs.
Mixers are not designed to liquify.

There are many new and different dishes which were only possible with the invention of the kitchen blender.  “21 Things to Make in the Blender (Besides Smoothies)”


Key Illustrative Thoughts:

• The Church:  Blended or Mixed
• America:  Blended or Mixed
• The Church:  Jews & Gentiles / Bond & Free
• Blended services
• Harmony: Is it a blended or mixed product?
• Gifts in the church
• Christlikeness:  Blended or Mixed
• Christian Maturity: Blending Together
• Slice & Cut or Together But Still Distinct?
• The Miracle Mixer
• “Blending”: Beyond the kitchen
• New & Different Dishes Because Of The Blender
• Pastoral Smoothies
• Smoothie Ministries
• Immersion Blending
• The “Miracle Mixer” was not a mixer.
• broken then blended
• mixed up
• blended together
• unity our of diversity
• different but together
• The goal:  mixed up or blended?
• integrate
• unite
• create something greater than the sum
• amalgamated
• different than what we started with


Other Information & Links

1922 The Stevens Electric Company owner Stephen Poplawski invents the blender
1922 The blenders are sold to drug store soda fountain to make Horlick’s malted milk shakes
1923 The Stevens Electric Company introduces the first liquefier blender.
1932 Poplawski, received patents for a machine that would reduce fruits and vegetables to a liquid.
1937 Frederick Osius improves inventor Poplawski’s blender and names it the Miracle Mixer
1938 Osius renames product the Waring Blendor after his financial backer Fred Waring
1946 John Oster purchased Stevens Electric and the first Osterizer® blender was introduced

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