New WebSite: All-Things-Church

As promised, and in response to the many 100’s who have followed the blogs on this subject, a new website has been initiated.


This present website []
was begun to address three areas of Homiletics . . . . .

√ BigIdeas:  If you go back to August of 2018 you will find hundreds of potential BigIdeas, along with passages which support them.

√ The Intersection of Classical Rhetorical Theory With Homiletics:  My education is in classical rhetorical theory.  It was after attending seminary, in the middle of that classical education, that I came to understand how devoid present-day homiletical theory was from classical concepts.  There are 100’s of posts on the intersection of classical and homiletical theory.

√ Useful Illustrations: There are 100’s of illustrations which can be useful in preaching.  Along with the illustrations are potential ways to use the illustration in a message.



church 4New Website

This New Website — — addresses ministry and local church issues more specifically.


All Designed To Push Us To . . . 

think bulb word

These Articles Continue To Interest You,
Please Migrate Over To That New Site.

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