“Today’s Illustration”: What Makes Them Different & Useful!



100’s of  illustrations are available on “RhetoricAndHomiletics.org” — and more are added monthly. 

They are different from other sermonic illustration.   

The Format & Purpose Of
“Today’s Illustrations”

     Our plan and purpose is to do much of the leg work for you!

Save time and let us do the research concerning the people and events which populate this booklet of approximately 50 real-life illustrations.

√ Researched:  We make sure that the illustration is accurate in its details by researching it for you.  The information is accurate and documented if you need to refer to it at any time.

√ Sermon Focus: The illustrations are designed for a sermon.  They can form the basis of a Big Idea, an introduction, a conclusion, a particular main point, and/or generate an idea for a message.

√ Links Provided: We provide the links for the included information.  We do all the research and work for you! Dig deeper if you want and even let us know about yet other ideas which can be useful!

√ Sufficient For Immediate Use: There is always more information that we could have included in our illustrations which can take that illustration in a different direction. While you can always find more information by going to these links, the illustration has plenty of information to flesh out the story and make it accurate and useful in a sermon.

√ Unique: Our illustrations are different & designed to be relevant enough so as to connect with an audience’s interest and awareness.

  • The illustrations are based on true events and/or actual people.
  • The basic facts of the event or person are laid out.
  • Quotations & locations from books and magazine articles about the event or person are included.

√ KEY Biblical Hints: “Key Illustrative Thoughts” are designed to get your mind thinking about possible ways to use the illustration.  This may be one of the most important points to highlight! The “Key Thoughts” catch some of the keywords and phrases found in the illustrations content which can be carried down into the message
(see —  https://thebiblechapterbychapter.wordpress.com/2017/10/05/choose-use/).

√ Free: There is no charge and we welcome any participation.  It’s All Free & Feel Free to use all that is provided in any way you want. It is yours to use and designed to benefit your preaching, teaching, and speaking.  No credit for ideas or wording needs to be made as far as we are concerned, it is just the result of research and some creative thinking which you yourself could have done given the time!  

If you have an illustration, and provide sufficient material to the readers so he can use it without any further research or by easily connecting to appropriate links, send it to us and we will post it for you, along with your name.


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