Today’s Illustration: “What Have I Done?”

Kevin Hines was one of the 14 who survived, of approximately 1700 others who jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge.  But milliseconds after he jumped . . . .

“I said to myself,
‘What have I done,
I don’t want to die,
God, please save me.”

When: September 2000

Who: Kevin Hines, age 24 — He shattered and crushed three vertebrae.

Where: Golden Gate Bridge, California

What: Kevin jumps off the bridge.
He has since authored a book titled “Cracked, Not Broken.”
Documentary: “The Ripple Effect:

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Link  and another Link to articles & quotes

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  • “the Golden Gate is a particularly lethal means of killing oneself: While the average survival rate of bridge deaths is 15%, only 4% of people who jump from the Golden Gate survive.”
  • “he took a bus to the bridge with voices in his head telling him —
    “You must die, jump now.”
    “It was the most horrid, emotional, turmoil even I’ve ever experienced, and I could not control myself.”
  • “The moment his fingers left the railing, he felt instant regret.”
  • “Hines fell about 240 feet in just four seconds.” — “reaching 75 miles per hour on impact.”
  • “When I resurfaced I was trying to stay afloat, thinking, ‘I am going to drown.’  As I was bobbing up and down in the water, I was saying ‘I don’t want to die, God, I made a mistake.’ . . . A sea lion, Hines says, kept pushing him above the water’s surface until the Coast Guard rescued him.”

  • “About seven months after the jump, a hesitant Hines gave his first talk, to 120 seventh and eighth-graders. “I was freaking out,” he says. “I was a mess.” [rather ironic]
  • Two weeks later, the children sent him letters. Several of the kids told Hines his talk made a difference and that they received the help they needed.”
  • A suicidal person “needs to hear what I needed to hear. That we care about you, your life does matter, and that all we want is for you to stay,” he says. “If someone had looked at me on that bridge or on that bus and said that to me, I would have begged for help.”
  • “One of the lives Hines has saved belongs to the husband of Lorena Stephens of Massachusetts. Stephens recently wrote an email to Hines after her frequently suicidal husband heard him speak. “My husband has chronic suicidal thoughts and paranoia just like Kevin. He never thought anyone could relate to him and has tried to die by suicide several times in his life. The change in my husband since hearing Kevin speak is nothing short of a miracle. Kevin gave him hope. Kevin showed him that he wasn’t alone,” Stephens says. “It was like God sent him to us at a time when my husband needed it the most.”
  • According to the San Francisco Examiner3, the safety net that Hines and others have lobbied so hard far is finally under construction. Known as a suicide barrier, the net is set to be completed in January 2021.”

  • The Ripple Effect cites research that estimates that 115 people will be affected by a single suicide.”
  • “When the bad feelings return, Hines says, “I always tell someone who loves me and who cares about me and who empathizes with me,” he says. “I have one request of people who are currently facing the struggle, who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Hines continues, “remember the light is there, the hope is there, you have to find a way to make it and find a way to move forward until you reach the hope.”

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Key Biblical Concepts:

  • regret
  • freefall
  • suicide
  • his story
  • too late
  • survived / survivors
  • suicide barrier
  • help
  • caring
  • life
  • hopelessness
  • death
  • saved
  • hope
  • affects others

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Key Useful Phrases:

  • “instant regret”
  • “what have I done”
  • “I recognized that I had made the greatest mistake of my life.”
  • “thought it was too late”
  • “needs to hear what I needed to hear”
  • “I would have begged for help”
  • “your life does matter”
  • “cracked, not broken”
  • “The Ripple Effect”

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Other Information & Links:

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Link  and another Link to articles & quotes,The%20Centre%20for%20Suicide%20Prevention%20in%20Calgary%2C%20Canada.

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