Today’s Illustration: Say Not Today Or Tomorrow We Will . . . .

If you want to simply demonstrate the brittleness of life — even in the twentieth century — here are a few quick and simple examples . . .

  • The Covid-19 pandemic (of course) and its many ramifications / changes

— working from home
— court battles over religious freedom and assembly
— masks — or no masks
— desolate streets
— shopping market shortages
— medical equipment shortages
— remarkable vaccine development
— shut down of stores, businesses, and industries
— the streaming of church services
— et al.

  • The Suez Canal debacle — one ship blocked the entire flow of shipping traffic.
  • The national elections and all of its events & ramifications
  • The death Of Ruth Ginsberg and a new Supreme Court justice
  • Significant decline in sport watching
  • News & Journalism censorship
  • Only the second time in recorded history the alphabetical list of hurricane names was used up – moved to the supplementary list of Greek letter names.
  • The sudden and shocking rise of “cancel culture” and “wokeism.”
  • The death of George Floyd
  • The sudden rise of cryptocurrency
  • Game Stop & Robinhood’s financial impact on major hedge funds
  • Swarms of Locusts in Asia-East Africa-India-Middle East
  • California wildfires — 30,00 acres / 90,000 people evacuated
  • The hack of the Colonial pipelines and its impact on gasoline availability and prices
  • The sudden rise of inflation to over 4% — food / gas / housing prices all significantly up
  •  The rise of immigration — legal and illegal
  • The rapid increase of streaming services
  • Calls for defunding the police
  • Death of Rush Limbaugh
  • Death of Kobe Bryant — airplane crash

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