Today’s Illustration: Blended Vs. Mixed

Who: Stephen Poplawski

  • Poplawski was born in Poland on Aug. 14, 1885
  • His family immigrated to America when he was 9 years old
  • The family moved lived in Racine, Wisconsin
  • At the age of 32, in 1918, he founded Stephens Tool Co.
  • In 1919 was hired by the Arnold Electric Co.
  • In 1922, Stephen Poplawski was the first one to think about putting a rotating cutting blade at the bottom of a canister.
  • His beverage mixer was developed while working for the Arnold Electric Company.
  • It was patented by him and under his company — Stephens tool Co.  [# — US 1480914].
  • Most remember the “Waring Blender,” rather than the” Poplawski Blender.”

What: The Blender

  • The cost of development was approximately $100.00.
  • In 1910, L.H. (Louis Hamilton), Chester Beach, and Fred Osius joined together to form the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company.
  • Fred Osius later began working on ways to improve the Poplawski blender.
  • Fred Osius invented and patented his blending machine in 1933.
  • When Fred Waring was a student at Penn State, his majors were architecture and engineering.
  • When Fred Osius approached Fred Warning about developing and improving his blender, Fred Waring was involved in a business promoting a big band called “The Pennsylvanians.”
  • Fred Osius brought his ideas to Fred Waring’s in a dressing room following a live radio broadcast in New York’s Vanderbilt Theatre.
  • Fred Waring promised to do more research on the invention.
  • After spending $25,000 of his own money, Fred Waring was still dealing with technical difficulties.
  • In 1937, Waring finally introduced the “Miracle Mixer” blender
  • In 1937, it was featured at the Chicago National Restaurant Show
  • Cost: $29.75
  • Fred Waring renamed his “Miracle Mixer” Corporation as the Waring Corporation in 1938.
  • The “Waring Blendor” name was soon changed to the “Waring Blender.”
  • The Waring Blender was used in hospital kitchens to blend those who needed all liquid diets.
  • It was used by Dr. Jonas Salk in developing the vaccine for polio.
  • “Waring” is now owned by “Conair.”

. . 

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • God’s plan
  • God’s will
  • providence
  • God’s plan
  • sovereignty
  • purpose
  • meaning
  • all things work together for good
  • families (blended families)
  • music (blended music)

. . . . . 

Sermonic Example:

Note: There are several distinct methods for using illustrative material.  I am not referring to the fact that there are different ways to construct and develop a specific illustration, but that there are distinct illustrative techniques.

(Use whatever you find useful in the above details, and then build out this specific illustration)

[Two examples of building it out]

The word “blender” has become a household word.  Most of us own a kitchen blender, and some recipes would not be possible without using a blender.  Whether it is Nija, Bullet, Waring, Hamilton Beach, Vitamix, or some other brand, we know and understand the usefulness of a blender.

Originally, Fred Waring named his invention, the “Miracle Mixer.”  It was later changed to “Blendor” and then “Blender.”

A “blender” is different than a “mixer.”  Blending makes all the ingredients into one slurry combination.  “Mixing” typically involves combining various items in a way that some are still may well be distinguishable — Chocolate chip cookies, clam chowder soup, vegetable medley are all mixtures, but would be far different if blended.

The local church was designed to be mixed, not a blended — very distinct people, all making up the mixture, yet keeping their individual identity and giftedness. . . . .



From Tony Evans

Yet even though I can’t claim to be much of a cook, I do know that a blender puts different ingredients together so that they are amalgamated into something brand-new. Throw some ice cubes, strawberries, orange juice, and a banana together in a blender, and the end result is a fruit smoothie that is much tastier than any of the individual items.

What a blender does in your kitchen, God does in His universe. God is the consummate blender. He has an astounding ability to take seemingly unrelated things and put them together to form something bigger, better, and more beautiful than what each one was on its own. And no story in the Bible better illustrates God’s ability to do this than the story of Esther. In Esther, we witness God perfectly intersecting plot lines and people in order to bring about His intended purpose.

Other Information & Links:

“The Oster Brand started in 1924 when John Oster began selling his hand held clipper to cut and style hair. 14 years on the motor powered clipper was invented, creating a huge market for The John Oster Manufacturing Company to thrive. John Oster made a decision to diversify from barber equipment in 1946. He decided to enter the household appliances industry and acquired The Stevens Electric Company…Yes, the same company that had actually invented the liquefier blender 24 years earlier.” — blenderexpert

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