Today’s Illustration: A Composite Cook

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Who: Betty Crocker

When: 1921

How: Saturday Evening Post Jigsaw Puzzle Contest


  • “Betty Crocker” is a composite of 75 different women.
  • “In 1921, readers of the Saturday Evening Post were invited by the Washburn Crosby Co. – the parent company of Gold Medal Flour – to complete a jigsaw puzzle and mail it in for a prize. “
  • Many of those entries also included questions about cooking.
  • To respond to those requests, a fictional name was created, and letters were returned in the name of “Betty Crocker.”
  • “Betty” was chosen because it seemed friendly and familiar, while “Crocker” honored a former executive with that last name.”
  • “Her signature [was] chosen from among an assortment submitted by female employees. . . . the fictional cook and homemaker received so many letters that other employees had to be trained to reproduce that familiar signature.”
  • Her picture was first created in 1936.
  • “Betty Crocker’s cookbooks were written by committee, with recipes tested by staffers and home cooks.”
  • Betty’s most recent official portrait – The most recent picture of Betty Crocker was painted in 1996 — her 75th birthday.
  • “She represents a cultural ideal rather than an actual woman.”
  • Women have sent letters to “Betty Crocker,” and most have received a response.
  • This year is “Betty Crocker’s”100th anniversary – 1921-2021.

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Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • prophecy
  • the attributes of God
  • revelation
  • the Scriptures
  • Bible characters
  • God’s program / plan
  • the Old Testament
  • we see through a glass darkly
  • progressive sanctification

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Sermonic Example: There are several distinct ways that one can use illustrative material.  This example is an example of what Pastor Steven Smith did in his sermon.

(use whatever you find useful in the above details)

“Betty Crocker” is a composite character.  She isn’t just one person, but a combination of different people — a combination of different female characteristics that make up the whole.

Likewise, no one account contains all the elements when it comes to Bible prophecy.  Rather, the end times are a composite picture —  a combination of various and progressive prophetic passages that form the whole.

So, as we look at Matthew 24 this morning, we have some, but not all of the elements that will mark the last days.  There is more to the picture that is found in Peter’s two books, Thessalonians, Corinthians, and Revelation. . . . .

This morning — in Matthew 24 — we will see some parts of the full picture, but not all the parts that make up the whole.

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The Story Of Betty Crocker: —

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