Today’s Illustration: The Will To See

Who: Bernard-Henri Levy

Bernard Henri Lévy (cropped).jpg

  • born in French Algeria in 1948
  • raised in Paris
  • Jewish
  • a political activist
  • In 2003, he “wrote an account of his efforts to track the murderer of Daniel Pearl, The Wall Street Journal reporter who was taken captive and beheaded by Islamic extremists” — wikipedia.
  • authored over 30 books, most all have been translated into English
  • reporter / philosopher / writer / producer
  • His recent book and film were both titled, “The Will fo See.”
  • The book and the documentary were released October 2021
  • “The French Intellectual Who Refuses to Look Away” — [2]

What: A documentary titled, “The Will of See,” is aptly labeled.

[A] new documentary, called “The Will to See,” in which you take the audience to the worst parts of the world. Syria. Iraq. Libya. Somalia. Nigeria. I have to tell you, I was heartbroken watching this film. There you were, in your trademark crisp white shirt, trying to shine a light on the worst human rights abuses in the world. And then, at the end of the film, we learn that literally almost every survivor, every hero, in the film is now dead, swallowed up by the very forces you are trying to expose.”

“An old-time war reporter, philosopher and writer, Bernard-Henri Lévy is sent by a group of newspapers (Paris Match, La Reppublica, The Wall Street Journal and others) to bear witness and report from places in the world where suffering and misery is at its peak, where wars are going on under our noses, where the world’s destiny is being determined an no one, it seems, is paying attention. An unflinching look at the most urgent humanitarian crises around the globe. [1]

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • compassion
  • caring
  • the Good Samaritan
  • trials
  • truth
  • Saul and David
  • the Pharisees & Scribes
  • blindness
  • sight
  • denial
  • honesty

Sermonic Example: There are several distinct ways to use illustrative material.

(use whatever you find useful in the above details)

. . . . “Sometimes, it takes a will to see. Sometimes, it takes a willingness to see things as they actually are! It is possible not to care because we don’t care to see. We can turn a blind eye to this-or-that, until it affects us. We can be willfully ignorant because to know means we must act — to know is to be pained over what is actually happening. Yes, ignorance is bliss . . . .

Jonathan had a will to see what was actually happening with his friend David. He would not turn a blind eye to what his own father was intent on doing. He would not be willfully ignorant. . . . . .

Other Information and Links:

1. and


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