Today’s Illustration: Deer Hunting — Wait Or Walk

What:  Deer Hunting

Disclaimer: I have never hunted game in my life.  I know nothing about it!I need Gary Fultz to jump in on this one!

I understand that there are two options when it comes to hunting for deer.    

  • Option #1: You can sit and wait for the deer. That is why Cabelas continues to sell tree stands year after year. You can wait for them to come along and move close enough to get a good shot.  A tree stand gives them greater awareness and more range.
  • Option #2: You can go out looking for them.  You can walk through the woods.   In this case, you hope that your movement, any noise, and/or your scent does not scare the deer away.

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • evangelism
  • soul-winning
  • the Great Commission
  • discipleship
  • outreach
  • ministries

Sermonic Example: There are several distinct ways to use illustrative material. This is the most basic approach in using an illustration.

 . . . . Likewise, there are two kinds of Christians when it comes to sharing Christ.

Option #1: There are those who are willing to sit and wait for someone to come on by.  They are willing to wait for great periods of time — even years — until someone happens to get close enough that they can talk to them about their need of Christ.

Option #2: Then there are also those who purposefully seek out opportunities to share the Gospel.  They work and walk when it comes to sharing Christ.  They look for opportunities to communicate the Gospel.

Of course, there are those who never wait OR walk.  



One thought on “Today’s Illustration: Deer Hunting — Wait Or Walk

  1. No pressure Ted. I have taken half of my deer walking through the woods (stop, listen, walk alertly..) and half from a stand waiting. The type of day where der are really moving, one should wait. On windy, harsh weather or beautiful warm sunshine days the deer often find a spot to lay out of the elements or bask in the sun…one should walk stop and look.
    The critical element for the hunter is an awareness of what the deer will be doing. It is the same for the Christian wanting to present the gospel. One must be alert to their needs and where they are in life (women at the well example). Sometimes, no matter how good the sizzle and the steak is, we do no good to offer it to our vegetarian neighbor.


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