Today’s Illustration: A Higher Call

Additional Material
About The True Story Of
Lt. Charles L. Brown & Franz Stigler



Thank You John Shaw for the beautiful, personally signed picture regarding this amazing story!
I will treasure it and remember the emotions that I first felt when reading the true story behind your painting.
AND thank you Carlos Saenz for your kindness in thinking about me and procuring this amazing print — #58/1000.
May our Lord use you and Pam in the lives of others as you help others “Get Home!”
If you would like to read the true story behind it, this post and the previous one have been provided.

PDF of the full article

A Higher Call_ A stricken Allied bomber, the German ace sent to shoot it down and a truly awe inspiring story of wartime chivalry _ Daily Mail Online

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Another link to the story

Also a link to the print “
by John D. Shaw


“20 December 1943 – rookie pilot Charlie Brown and the crew of B-17 Ye Old Pub manage to bomb the Focke-Wolf factory in Bremen despite severe damage over target.  Turning for home, the damage was starting to show and the straggler now became a magnet for encircling Luftwaffe fighters, who pulverised the already battered Fortress. Somehow, Brown managed to keep her in the air – just.

It wasn’t long before Franz Stigler’s Bf109 was spotted approaching at speed; all on board believed their days were now finally numbered. But Luftwaffe Ace Stigler had other thoughts.

As he circled the wrecked B-17 he could clearly see the dead tail-gunner and other badly wounded men obviously unable to bail out. Compassion took the better part of valour.

Instead of shooting down the Fortress, Stigler escorted the bomber over the North Sea coast on a heading for England.

Stigler never reported the incident. Had he done so he would in all probability have been shot as a traitor yet many years later, through serendipity and good fortune, both men would meet again and become firm friends.

Personally signed by veterans of both the Luftwaffe and 8th Air Force, included in the matting are photos and the original autographs of the two men famously depicted, Oberleutnant FRANZ STIGLER and Lieutenant Colonel CHARLIE BROWN.

Released in 2012, we rarely come across copies of this superb piece on the Secondary Market and our expert framing team have ‘worked their magic’ to create a stunning EIGHTEEN signature collector’s piece:

  • Staff Sergeant EARWIN EKELAND

  • First Lieutenant CLAYTON NATTIER

  • Staff Sergeant WILLIAM ROCHE

  • Second Lieutenant DON CARLSON

  • Staff Sergeant DON GROOMER

  • Staff Sergeant GEORGE MESHKO

  • Master Sergeant E.E MISCHLER


  • Lieutenant Colonel MEL DUNN

  • Staff Sergeant HUGH MCGINTY

  • Oberleutnant KURT SCHULZE

  • Captain HENRY HEINTZ

  • Lieutenant NEWT MOY

  • Staff Sergeant ELMER MCGINTY

  • Staff Sergeant ROBERT EGNEW”

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