Today’s Illustration: A Strange Use Of A Hymn

Who: Allan Price

  • Born April 19, 1942 — age 79
  • Born in Fatfield, Washington, County Durham, England
  • Member of “The Animals” — Folk Rock / Blues Rock
  • Keyboard / Organ player for “The Animals”

What: “Changes”

  • “Changes” from the “O Lucky Man” Album
  • “The song ‘Changes’ was later a chart hit for Price in April 1988 when it was used in a television advertisement of the same name for Volkswagen Golf cars in 1987.”
  • Sung To the Tune of “What A Friend We Have In Jesus.”
  • “Changes” Lyrics

Everyone is facing changes,
No one knows what’s going on,
And everybody changes places,
And still the world keeps moving on.

Now love must always turn to sorrow,
And everyone must play the game,
Because it’s here today and gone tomorrow,
But the world goes on the same.


Key Illustrative Thoughts:

  • Easter
  • Salvation
  • change / changes
  • Ecclesiastes
  • meaning/meaninglessness
  • purpose
  • hope / hopelessness
  • vanity
  • contradiction
  • the Gospel
  • resurrection


Sermonic Example:

(include whatever details you find useful)

. . . . What a contradiction — the musical score of “What a Friend We Have In Jesus,” with the lyrics that are anything but the message of hope — that is found in Jesus . . .

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