Genesis 5 – Ideas

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Classical Speech Theorist developed the concept of “topoi.” The “topoi” were “mind-generators.” The concept of “topoi” is abstract at first, but as you understand it, it takes on a role of great usefulness for all those who engage in public speaking!

When this classical concept is applied to “Pulpit Speech”, one use is a method to brainstorm, or to “generate” ideas for approaching a particular chapter or passage of Scripture.

We had five pastors on staff, and we had the advantage of being able to “pick each others’ brains” for ideas. However, if you are the sole pastor in a local church setting, you may find some of these lists – on every chapter in the Bible – beneficial. As you read through the list you will find your mind thinking, generating . . .

As you read through the list you will find your mind thinking, generating . . .

  • directions you could go•
  • what you could focus on•
  • different approaches to the passage•
  • a wording that works•
  • a BigIdea•
  • changing or adjusting words•
  • a subpoint•
  • a “sticky” idea worth repeating and restating•
  • an illustration•
  • an introduction•
  • an interesting thought•
  • a way of seeing the chapter you had not thought of before•
  • an idea to research which could help with an introduction or illustration •
  • a metaphor to build on•
  • a conclusion•

These included below have been gathered from all different places. Its purpose is to help kick off, brainstorm, or “generate” ideas on Genesis 4.


Genesis 5 – The Line of Seth & Long Life

  • The Reality Of Death
  • Walking Is Great Exercise
  • Walking With God
  • Don’t Waste Your Time
  • He Was Not, Because He Was Not
  • Countercultures
  • Tombstones: It Says
  • A Life Well Lived
  • Methuselah: As Old As The Hills
  • There Is No Time Like The Present
  • Methuselah: Been There, Done That
  • Living Against The Grain
  • The Family Tree
  • You’re Showing/Looking/Acting Your Age
  • Enoch: Not An Average Joe
  • Aging Gracefully
  • In My Generation
  • At A Ripe Old Age
  • They Lived, They Died
  • Custodians Of The Promise
  • Just Keep Walking
  • The Golden Years
  • Nothing Certain But Death & Judgement
  • The First “Old Timer”!
  • The “Forever” Generation
  • The “Millennial” Generation
  • First Entry In The Guinness Book Of Records
  • Oh God Our Help For Ages Past
  • Get A Life
  • Father’s Day With The Family
  • This Will Be The Death Of Me
  • Adam’s Funeral
  • Strolling Through A Cemetery
  • Enoch Took The Shortcut
  • I Tole You A Thousand Times
  • Legacies
  • For God Took Him
  • The Facts Of Life
  • First Members Of The Hall Of Faith
  • A Walk & A Talk
  • Death Is The Great Leveler / Equalizer
  • I Have All The Time In The World
  • Enoch: Snatched Out Of The Jaws Of Death
  • More Than Marking Time
  • Methuselah: God’s Longsuffering
  • Grandparents
  • Death Defeated: A Good Exit Strategy
  • Faith Walks
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Birth Certificates & Grace Stones
  • The Man Who Went Missing
  • Enoch: Going Out In Style
  • It’s Only A Matter Of Time
  • Methuselah: What A Name – When He Dies, Judgement
  • Cold Cases
  • Grandparent’s Day
  • Walking Worthy
  • The Longest Mile
  • Enoch: Translated
  • Fundamentals Of Walking
  • 969 Years Of Faithfulness
  • This One Will Give Us Rest
  • It’s A Matter Of Life & Death
  • Talk The Talk & Walk The Walk
  • Enoch: Never Say Die
  • Between Life & Death
  • The Preacher Who Walked To Heaven
  • Most Likely To Succeed
  • First Man To Miss Death
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
  • Sin: Deals A Death Blow
  • A Fate Worse Than Death
  • At Death’s Door
  • Birth: The Kiss Of Death
  • Sin: This Will Be The Death Of Me
  • Nobodyism
  • Adam Dies
  • God’s Way Of Writing History
  • Enoch: A Role Model
  • Higher Ground
  • The Close Of A Long Life

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