Simple & Quick Allusions . . . .


Alistair Begg — Walk in Love Part 1 . . . .

We are to copy Him . . . . ‘I walk the way He walks; I talk the way He talks; I’m starting to see my father in me’ . . . . We are to live differently, because you are different. . . . Therefore be imitators of God . . . . These family characteristics will provide evidence of your sonship . . . .

Now I suppose in earthly terms, it is possible to adopt a child and for that adoption to go through in all of its technicality and in all of its legality and yet not yield within that relationship the kind of love one might have anticipated or hoped for . . . . . . unlikely but possible.

This relationship with God is neither simply legal or technical, but is distinctly wonderful and emotional — you are God’s beloved children.  His beloved children. . . .  God loves His children. . . . When He looks upon us, He does not cause us needless tears . . . .

  • He knows my name.
  • He knows my every thought.
  • He sees each tear that falls.
  • And He hears me when I call. (quoting “He Knows My Name,” by D. C. Talk)

He doesn’t need a “baby monitor” — from one side of the house to the other.  We are His beloved children.

Now you see how vitality important it is that we allow that to settle that in our minds – because He’s now going to work out for us something of what will mean to be an imitator of God. “

As I was listening to Alistair Begg’s message, I realized that he illustrates two rhetorical techniques in this brief section of his message.  I will highlight one of them today, and the other one tomorrow.

When I first listened to the message I focused on the “baby monitor” allusion.   That simple and quick allusion makes his point very effectively!

It is just these kinds of simple and quick allusions that grab ahold of an idea or concept, which captures or capsulizes a truth.  In this case, “a baby monitor” quickly and simply illustrates God’s omniscience and omnipresence.

I thought, what other modern gadgets or technology could be used to simply and quickly grab or illustrate a biblical concept.


Let’s give it a try!

  • A Large 80 Inch 4K Pixel Screen – When the Lord was finished showing Himself on the shores of the Red Sea . . . The world would not need a large 80 inch, 4K pixel, high definition screen to see or grasp the greatness Jehovah and this awesome fulness of this miracle.
  • This “screen” would be measured by miles . . . displaying in full technical color the voracious churning of the waters, ripping apart the chariots, causing hundreds of soldiers to flee —  filled with fright written all over their faces . . . . as they ran for their lives . . . God’s power, greatest, sovereignty, and judgment would be on full display as He devastated the army of Egypt.


  • A High Powered Telephoto Lens – Have you seen those long high powered lenses on the photographers’ cameras all down the sideline of a sport’s event.  If the photographers are going to catch anything worth sending into their news bureau, it takes such a seemingly overwhelming lens to capture it.  However, the Lord doesn’t need a large, long, and high powered telephoto lens to focus in on and/or catch you in your disobedience.


  • A Wall Charger – After displaying His omnipotence, the Lord does not need to replenish His heavenly batteries . . .  There was no “recharge” after incinerating the sacrifice on Mt. Carmel.  God’s power always remains at and registers full capacity — fully charged —  with no depletion of any of its power no matter how many years He has been demonstrating His omnipotence.


  • A Radar Gun – Show up in court seeking to dispute your speeding ticket.  Today’s officer of the law will be called to the stand and he will have the electronic proof which was registered on his radar gun, time-stamped to verify its time of the recording . . . . That evidence will support the claim that you have exceeded the posted limits of the law.   However, on that day the Lord will need no other evidence to support the claims. He will need no other proof than the word of His testimony.


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