We’re Half-Way There. . . .

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Our Purpose:  The aim of looking at Rhetorical Techniques is so that we, as speakers, think of different ways to frame truths and principles of Scripture.

Our Beginning: Twenty-five weeks ago we began posting “Rhetorical Techniques” – Monday – Friday.

Our Goal: Our goal is to post 250 Rhetorical Techniques from October 2017 to September 2018

Our Progress:  We are over HALF-WAY to that goal and ahead of schedule.  There are also 84 blogs sitting “in the “draft-hopper” which are partially completed or in the earliest stages of genesis.

Our Methods:  Over the past several months we have sought to refine and improve the blog by providing links to audio clips of various messages.

Rhetorical Analysis:  To either uncover or illustrate various rhetorical techniques, a listener needs to go “analytical.”  In going analytical, we seek to quantify what is happening so that the technique can be duplicated.

Visual Writing Format:  Our blog format is influenced by Jeffrey Gitomer’s books.  If you have not gone online and checked out his books, you will have missed out on one of the most unusual ways to present information.

Present-day Speakers:  Various present-day speakers are the ones used to illustrate various rhetorical techniques.  Many of them can be heard and seen online and their full-messages are available in either audio or video format – or both.

Audio Links: As you can see, reading the transcription is far different than actually hearing them spoken.


There are different ways to communicate the same basic idea.  It is understanding the variety of rhetorical techniques which are available which can help a speaker or preacher . . . . .

avoid falling into predictable patterns, and/or

add impact to a particular point or even the whole message.

Availing oneself of the variety of ways to frame or communicate. . . .

  • a truth
  • contextual information
  • a biblical principle
  • a specific point
  • background information
  • a circumstantial explanation
  • factors and dynamics at play

. . . can affect both the attention and the impact.

In fact,

it can affect attention AND THEREFORE the impact of a message.

Mentally reviewing a broad variety of optional rhetorical techniques can help a speaker change-up what they would typically say and do. The various rhetorical techniques can contribute . . . .

  • variety
  • clarity
  • movement and change
  • reflection
  • color
  • focus
  • force
  • understanding
  • connection
  • identification
  • attention
  • retention
  • application


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