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run with it 1   Don’t Stop Short!


Good Can Be Made Better If You Run With It


In his book, “Excellence in Preaching,” Simon Vibert, selects Vaughan Roberts as one of the examples of good-to-great preaching.  Vaughan Roberts graduated from Cambridge University with both a degree in law and theology.  He is easy to listen to and his “legal background” is seen in the methodological movement of thought in his sermons.

Vibert states that what makes Vaughan a good communicator is at least two-fold . . . .

he helps the congregation see where he is headed

he understands the value of a good introduction

I had never listened to Robert’s preaching, no less heard his name mentioned before coming across it in Vibert’s book on preaching.  Clearly, I travel in different circles than Simon Vibert.

Nevertheless, these days with the internet, I was able to locate and listen to the very message referenced in Simon Vibert’s book.

Here is the introduction from his message on Romans 11 – “God’s Merciful Plan” which was cited in Vibert’s book.  As you listen, you will see that the introduction, both helps the congregation understand where he is headed, and qualifies as a good introduction — audio clip link.  (If you would like to listen to the whole message this link will get you there).


What Roberts could have done, and did not (except for a single reference in his closing prayer), would be to call up some of the words and wording found in the introduction . . . .

  • airplane
  • pilot
  • captain speaking
  • historic flight
  • automated flight
  • be reassured
  • nothing can go wrong
  • true for individuals
  • true for nations
  • pilotless
  • things can go wrong
  • off course
  • no control the direction we’re heading in
  • weaving around – aimlessly
  • headed for a crash

. . . . and bring them down into the conclusion and/or application of the message.


Run With It!

Something like this (using some of the actual closing words and thoughts of Roberts).

The conclusion of God’s plan was and is that all Israel shall be saved . . . . because that was the original flight plan, that is where the plane and the plan was headed.  Nothing could go wrong and nothing went wrong . . . . all people will have received mercy.

Adoring worship of God, even when we don’t understand how it all works together — Jew and Gentile.  The Divine pilot’s plan ought to cause our hearts to be moved to worship Him — One day that will be true of us as individuals and one day it will be true among all the nations of this world!

There is a God and the end will NOT be weaving around, headed for a crash!  But a carefully crafted flight plan!


Go back and listen to that introduction and see all the words and wordings in the introduction which could have DRIVEN Roberts’ points, conclusion, and/or application!

Contrast: If Tony Evans was using this introductory, he would have identified some of those keywords in the introduction and driven the point either throughout the message and/or in the conclusion!




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