Disarming An Audience. . . .

disarm through humor  Humor Is Disarming

Preachers – Teachers – & Pastors can develop and improve their abilities to communicate.  In Simon Vibert’s book, he states that his goal was to discover what was it that made good speakers, good speakers . . . .


I want to consider what it is that they do well, and why it is that people want to listen to them . . .  is it possible to learn from the best preachers without devaluing the rather more ordinary week-in, week-out preaching of the local church?

. . . . to build up a composite picture of a model preacher by looking at those things which good preachers do well.  What makes us want to listen to them in particular?  Why is it that some preachers make the time bly by, leaning us wanting more . . . .indeed many preachers exemplify more than one characteristic of preaching . . . . help congregations . . . . to know what to look for in a good preacher or, perhaps, to realize why they connect so well with certain preachers . . . . –“Excellence in Preaching,” — Pgs. 10-12


J. John is one of the individuals that Simon Vibert devotes one of his chapters to as one of his thirteen examples.  A number of the ones cited are unfamiliar to me — and maybe to you as well . . . .

  • Jesus
  • Tim Keller
  • John Piper
  • Vaughan Roberts
  • Simon Ponsonby
  • J. John
  • David Cook
  • John Ortberg
  • Nicky Gumbel
  • Rico Tice
  • Alistair  Begg
  • Mark Driscoll
  • Mark Dever

It is wise to move out of our realm of experience and circle of preachers-teacher-pastors.  I do realize that at times we can become too parochial in our exposure to speakers and preachers.

J. John is one of those individuals.  Vibert states that J. John is . . . .

  • a Greek Cypriot, living in England
  • an itinerant evangelist
  • a down-to-earth and humorous preacher
  • included because of his use of humor


“J. John’s talks are peppered with humor, stories, and anecdotes, but it would not be fair to conclude from this that his preaching is therefore entertainment without substance.  The messages are not light, and the content speaks much about sin. . . . . He appeals for personal conversion and radically altered lives. ” — Excellence in Preaching — pg 69

“What I want to do is to make people laugh,

so that they will take things seriously.”

— J. John —

(video link to the whole message)

( video clip)

(@ 6:21 minute marker of full video of 10th Commandment – Contentment)


A wise motto is . . . .

use it up

wear it out

make it do

or do with out

Repeat after me. . . . (repeated)

Now let’s reinforce it . . . . (repeated)

Now turn to somebody and say . . . . (repeated)

Now you could tweet that one.

If I say anything good, tweet it.

And I tell you when its good in case you didn’t realize it was good.



While you may have mixed opinions about the use of humor, and even J. John’s use of humor — (as I did) — but as Vibert states . . . .

“Nevertheless, humor disarms the audience, enabling people to see their humanity and foibles in a fresh light and allowing the preacher to connect with real life.”


Before you draw any conclusion, listen to his whole message.  It does make a difference if you listen to it all!


* Here is a link to an article by J. John on Preaching

Sermon Central Link To Sermons By J. John — https://www.sermoncentral.com/contributors/jjohn-sermons-18761





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