What I Wish My Pastor Would Say On Mother’s Day

Just a great read!

Helps a pastor understand their audience!

Think about the audience!

Because that is what public address and preaching include!


Link: https://www.preachingtoday.com/skills/2014/may/what-i-wish-my-pastor-would-say-about-mothers.html?utm_source=preachingtoday&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_term=17593656&utm_content=647998770&utm_campaign=email


Are you speaking from your point of view or their point of view?

The difference between those two could cost you your audience — at the least.


Some call it . . . .

“customer focus”
“audience sensitivity”


To the Jew I became a Jew
To the Greek I became a Greek
That I might just win SOME!

Is there no room for adapting to our audience without it being called “compromising” or “watering down the message.”

Could we call it LOVE?

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