Three Reasons Which Explain Why Tony Evans Is So Effective.

click here  Tony Evans Pt#1

Before I lay out those three reasons let me point out how the title of this post works.  It does work, and I know that such a title will probably generate the high end of daily hits — over 300 plus hits.

Today, such titles are referred to as “click bait”.

“Make Your Grout Look Like New”
“How To Unclog You Sink Like A Pro”
“Click Here”
Even though you know that it is merely “Click Bait” to get you to visit this-or-that homepage, you click it anyway.
(where the proprietor of that website receives advertising money based on how many people click through to that)


“How to finally publish YOUR OWN BOOK this summer!”
“Click Here To Receive Your Free Copy Of This Book”

(which isn’t a book at all, but a mere pamphlet and that at best and you will probably have to give them your email address, and it would be delivered then and there, it will be sent to you via that email address)

You click and you find yourself quickly scrolling through the post — and some times it highlights what many already knew and understood.

If it is trite and simplistic.  You may well think — “That’s it! No falling for it again!”

Next time?   — Sorry to say that you will probably click on such a title again.  Maybe the same day or even minutes after that simplistic or unproductive read.

Don’t be upset with yourself because if it didn’t work, with you and with thousands of others, it wouldn’t be used.  Such titling has become prolific because of the ever increasing amount of content which is posted on the web.

Everyone is “fighting” for your attention, interest —  and money!

Therefore, more and more headlines are designed to pull people into clicking on this-or-that link and/or to a website.

It works!

But why does it work?

There are two primary reasons:

#1) Curiosity:  Such titles rouses one’s curiosity.  “Curiosity” revolves around the human trait of feeling deprived when there is a hole in our knowledge.  That is why most are stated in the form of a question.  Studies reveal that you increase the chance of someone clicking by 150% if it is framed in the form of a question (see Forbes).

•  What did this kindergarten student learn when he decided to “High-Five” every person who walked past him on the sidewalk when he walked to school?
•  How to know it is time to look for a new job.
•  23 ways to get rid of clutter once and for all!
•  Why everyone will be freezing empty cans after this stunning decor hack.


#2) It Relates: It relates to you, your life, your family, your job.  In fact including the word “you” or “your” increases the probability of a person clicking by 175% (see Forbes).  It is called a “self-referencing question.”


What does that say about . . . .

Audiences / Listeners
Sermon Titles Which Create Interest
“Holding Off An Audience” — as to where you are going
What Causes Interest
The Importance Of A Message Relating To An Audience
The Nature Of Questions And Their Ability To Create Interest


Click Here
Three Reasons Which Explain Why Tony Evans Is So Effective.
What Makes Tony Evans So Effective In His Preaching?
Can Tony Evans Help Your Effectiveness In Preaching

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