Rhetoric & Homiletics: Why Don’t We Do This?

See the source image  Consistently Pushed To Do Better!


Listen to this four-minute clip of Alistair Begg and then ask this question.


Why is it that some Bible preachers-teachers, after listening to someone like Alistair Begg, do not see how far short they are in their own preaching abilities!

Is it possible to hear someone that is “Really Good” and no examine one’s own ability at preaching and teaching?  Do some really see themselves as not so far removed from such examples of effectiveness?

Why is it that some Bible preachers-teachers, after listening to someone like Alistair Begg, do not consistently and intensely strive — the more — to be effective communicators of God’s truth!

As I listened to him in this clip which someone sent me, I thought — “He Is Good!”  I knew that, but I was reminded once again that he really is an effective communicator!

As An Aside: Is it biblically improper to say, “He is a good preacher!”  Because he really is a good communicator of God’s truth!  Over the years of listening to Begg, I have said to myself — “I would welcome and enjoy sitting under his preaching ministry!”  Is it inappropriate to recognize that he is a gifted speaker-communicator-preacher?  – that “He gets it!” “He gets preaching!”

Begg is PREACHING — really preaching — not just doing a “running commentary on the obvious” and calling it expository preaching!

Begg is . . . .

taking a truth  (exposing a truth – which comes out of Scripture)
driving it home!

That is the heart of preaching!

Why is it that far to many preachers-teachers, after listening to someone like Alistair Begg (and others),  do not realize how different their preaching is in approach and effectiveness?

When you listen to someone who is “Really Good” — it ought to drive a preacher-teacher to make real and meaningful changes to be more and more effective!

As I listen to a 100 or more preachers a month, primarily the most effective (as anyone who doesn’t like being uninspired or bored would have it), I am challenged over and over to become more and more effective as a speaker!

As I have previously stated over the various posts, I not only respond to a great message in my spiritual life but I also “go analytical” — “What is he doing that makes him so easy to listen to, effective, clear, comfortable, interesting, helpful, etc.!”

I go analytical because of my background and education in classical rhetorical theory, but also because I have spent and continue to spend my life as a communicator, a biblical communicator.  I live in the world of words and communication by education and profession!

Speakers are different but saying that does not explain effectiveness from ineffectiveness.  Begg is not Evans, is not Swindoll, is not

H. B. Charles
Adrian Rodgers
And Stanley

. . . . . is not Spurgeon.  But they are all effective communicators with all their personality and background differences.

As a preacher-teacher, you cannot just say — “They have their approach and I have mine.  We are all different.”

No – No – No . . . . .

Are you actually challenged when you listen to really good preaching?
Are you as effective as a communicator?
As you listen to Alistair Begg, would you come back to hear him again?
Why?  What is he doing differently than you?
Do you preach so that people want to hear you again?
Go analytical!  What makes him so pleasant to listen to?
What are you doing to improve?
What are you doing differently this year that has made you more effective?
How has your preaching changed?
What do you read about preaching-homiletics?
Do you believe your own press?
Can you separate what people say at the door, from reality?
Do good-to-great speakers push you to be better? — far – far better!


What did Alistair Begg Do That Caused You To Enjoy Listening To Him?


See the source image

May others preachers and teachers who are Really Good push us to be even more effective so that those who listen would welcome the opportunity to sit under our ministry of the Word!



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