Analogy Of The Day: Remodeling While Serving Thanksgiving Dinner

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Today’s Analogical Illustration:

Speaker: Peter Higgins, Director of Airport Operations at Salt Lake City International Airport

Occasion:  Interview on NBR – “Nightly Business Report” – January 31, 2017

Context:  Interview by Phil LeBeau:  ” I’m Phil LeBeau in Salt Lake City, Utah, where they`re building a brand new airport.  Why aren`t more cities doing this?”

The Rhetorical Analogy: 

Peter Higgins:
“In many cases–airports particularly–you end up building on the same footprint you’re occupying.

So, oftentimes, you’re trying to remodel the kitchen while you’re trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner!”

It is a “rhetorical shortcutwhich primarily CLARIFIES.

Again, it . . . .

√ makes the point
√ in a clear way
√ in a few words
√ using a visual image
√ which connected with a common experience!

Notice the use of “Thanksgiving dinner.”  That is perhaps the best choice for the analogy since it is more universal than other holidays, and involves the most variety of dishes and demands!

A speaker could also run out the analogy a little further — now or later in the message.

A speaker can also build meaning into that phrase or a truncated form of that phrase (“Remodeling and Cooking Dinner”)

Let’s Duplicate It!: 

At times, there is a need to improve a business location — such as an airport.  You have probably seen that situation or walked through such.  The airport is operational, but a portion of it is under construction.  A remodel is taking place, and the airport is still trying to be fully operational.  It is like trying to remodel the kitchen while you are cooking Thanksgiving Day dinner.

That is what some Christians are trying to do — to remodel their lives — to get their lives going in a new or better direction while trying to serve in the local church.

Get your life “remodeled” and going the right direction and then see how the Lord would have you serve.  Trying to do both may well hinder both endeavors.   Start looking like Jesus, and then see how you can best be used.

Too many pastors are using men and women in various areas of church ministry, who do not even have the basics under their belt — They don’t even pray & read their Bibles, but they are in charge of this-or-that ministry.

Some don’t even attend church regularly, or when they are present,  they sidestep being with the congregation listening to the pastor.  But then they are given leadership positions.  As if that leadership position will help them remodel!

You’re having people remodel while trying to cook dinner for your guests.




Other Information and Links:


LEBEAU:  Fly into Salt Lake City and you`ll find an airport that looks far
better than others in America.  But underneath, it is straining, handling
twice as many passengers as it was designed for or when it was built in

So, right next on old terminals, Salt Lake is building an all new airport.
The cost?  $2.9 billion.

PETER HIGGINS:  There`s the planning process.  There`s an environmental process you have to go through.  There`s a procurement process you have to go through, and then, there`s the actual construction process you have to go through.

In many cases, airports, particularly, you end up
building on the same footprint you`re occupying. 

So, oftentimes, you`re trying to remodel the
kitchen while you`re trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

LEBEAU: Phase one of Salt Lake`s new airport won`t be done until 2020, when
it`s completely finished in 2023, even more people will fly into Utah`s
capital.  The fact is, the number of people flying in the U.S. keeps
soaring.  There are more flights, more congestion and more talk that fixing
America`s airports will have to include alleviating traffic jams on the


P.S. You can run out the analogy further based on Lebeau’s comment — “when
it`s completely finished in 2023, even more people will fly into Utah`s

“And when you have the kitchen remodeled, you will find out that more people are coming to dinner at your house next year!”



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