Rhetoric & Homiletics: Some Great Questions To Ask!

Developing Sermonic Content:

Here is another great example of the value of asking questions, a worthy practice advocated and taught by Bob Tiede!

Matthew 6:19-34:  In verses 19-21, Jesus tells his audience not to “treasure up treasure” on earth, but rather in heaven.

  • What do we think it means to treasure up or lay up treasure “in heaven”?
  • What would be an example or two of that?
  • What gives us that idea?
  • What do we mean by “treasure”?
  • How do our examples connect with Jesus’s observation about “where your heart is”?
  • How would or could the light within a person be darkness?
  • [More personal] How confident are we that the light within us is light rather than darkness? — Why?
  • What does it mean to “strive first for the kingdom [of God] and its/his righteousness”?
  • What would be an example or two of doing that? — What gives us that idea?
  • Jesus uses birds and flowers as examples of not being anxious about the future. In what ways are people similar to birds and flowers?
  • In what ways are they different?
  • Do these similarities and differences have anything to do with humans’ anxieties, do we think? — How?
  • Why do we think Jesus thinks we do not need to be anxious about food, drink, and clothing?
  • What does Jesus’s attitude tell us about how he understands reality?
  • [More personal] Do we share Jesus’s perception of reality?
  • Why is that? — Could we? — What would need to change?
  • How would or could that happen? [1]

1. Questions, by Heather Anne Thiessen

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