Today’s Illustration: “No Labels!” & “The Problem Solvers” — Time Will Tell!

“No Labels”
“The Problem Solvers”


The Problem Solvers Caucus: “56 members, equally divided between Democrats and Republicans, who seek to foster bipartisan cooperation on key policy issues.”

No-Labels Caucus: Presently, 58 members of Congress & 20 members of the Senate for the groups called “No-Labels.”


Some of the Senators: Joe Manchin (WV), Kyrsten Sinema (AZ), Jacky Rosen (NV), Angus King (ME), Susan Collins (ME), Bill Cassidy (LA), John Cornyn (TX), Todd Young (IN) and Lisa Murkowski (AK).


“No Labels” was initially formed in 2010.

“The Problem Solvers” was formed in 2017.


No Labels:

Instead of identifying as Republican, Democrat, or Independent, a caucus group was formed, and is called “No Labels.” [1]

  • The rules are that if 75% of the members agree on this-or-that bill, the other 25% will vote with the caucus.
  • You can go to their website if you want more information about this particular group. [2]

“There is no group in America doing what No Labels does. We’ve created a rebellious but constructive third force in American government that is finally poised to break the gridlock and dysfunction that is destroying our democracy.”

“No Labels is a rapidly growing citizen-led organization mobilizing frustrated Republicans, Democrats and Independents – the majority of Americans – into a new political force to break the paralysis of hyper-partisanship and dysfunction in Washington. The goal is to make government work again by fighting for bipartisan, common sense solutions to our nation’s biggest problems and reforms to our political system.” [2]

The Problem Solvers:

“Beginning in 2017, the Problem Solvers Caucus became an independent member-driven group in Congress, comprised of representatives from across the country – equally divided between Democrats and Republicans – committed to finding common ground on many of the key issues facing the nation. Co-Chaired by Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) and Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), the Caucus’ aim is to create a durable bloc that champions ideas that appeal to a broad spectrum of the American people. It is a group united in the idea that there are commonsense solutions to many of the country’s toughest challenges. Only when we work together as Americans can we successfully break through the gridlock of today’s politics.” [3]

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • unity
  • diversity / differences
  • spiritual gifts
  • service
  • the church
  • strength
  • family
  • strife
  • separation
  • truth / justice / equity

Sermonic Example:

In the political world, two groups have attempted to make our democracy work better.  Those two groups have taken on the name “No Labels” and “The Problem Solvers.”  Both political caucuses have attempted to bring together Republicans, Democrats, and Independents as they forge legislation together for the good of the nation.

That is their purpose, intent, and their hope.

Will these efforts work to move the nation forward?  As they say, “Time will tell.”  However, time has told some of that story already.  While both caucuses have had some positive effects, both still struggle in accomplishing their goals.

The value and importance of “unity” is clearly stated by the Lord when he says . . . . A house divided against itself cannot stand.  That is true in a nation, a family, and a local church.  Division and disagreement has been part of the history of kingdoms, families, and local churches — sometimes born out of terrible motivations. [2]

Yet, at other times, disagreement and disunity were for good reasons.  Disunity, division, and disagreement was necessary and recognized as necessary.

Part of the reason we are where we are in our Christian heritage is because of division and battles that have been fought over such issues as the deity of Christ, the nature of the Trinity, the method and purpose of baptism, translations of the Scriptures, the composition of the church body, church governance, and various distinctive of the Christian faith!

“Time will tell” when it comes to division and disagreement in the local church!  Do not reject it out of hand.

There are times when “Problem Solving” comes at the cost of separation and division.

And there are times when we should and must lay aside labels and come together for the kingdom.

There are some terrible motivations behind some divisive times and there are some legitimate disagreements and concerns that require calling out wrong-doing and wrong-doers.

Other Information & Links: 

1. “The Problems Solvers Caucus” also formed. “The Problem Solvers Caucus features 58 U.S. House members—evenly divided between the parties—committed to forging cooperation on key issues. Although the creation of the Problem Solvers Caucus was inspired by No Labels, the group operates as an independent member-driven Caucus which sets its rules, standards and priorities. The Problem Solvers Caucus is fast becoming one of the most influential blocs on Capitol Hill.”

2.No Labels:  “”

3. “Problem Solvers” —

4. John Calvin had allowed those he deemed as heretics to be tortured and put to death.

“John Calvin followed Augustine’s biblical justification for burning heretics. Augustine excused extreme measures through his interpretation of Jesus’ Great Banquet parable in Luke 14:16-24. When the master could not fill up his banquet in the parable, he commanded his servants in Luke 14:23 “to compel people to come so that my house will be filled.” Augustine and Calvin believed burning heretics would “compel” more people to enter their house of God. Interpreting “compulsion” as a license to kill without consideration for Jesus’ other teaching to “love your enemies” is a major hermeneutical error. Any part of Jesus’ teaching should be interpreted in light of the whole.”

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