Rhetoric And Homiletics: Preachers — Why Some Are Better Than Others

There is a reason that some preachers . . . . 

  • are easier to listen to than others
  • nationally known
  • locally attract more interest and attention
  • are listened to and read by so many
  • tellingly speak to the mind and heart 
  • are more effective!

It is the same reason that some . . . . 

  • books and authors are so well known
  • bloggers have so many followers
  • figures on the national scene are heard and read by so many
  • talking heads are tuned in by so many
  • salespeople are more successful
  • political spokesman are followed
  • college & university professors’ classes are chosen
  • paid speakers attract the audience and compensation they do
  • past social leaders are still being quoted [1]

It is not that all these individuals do not “communicate,” but it is because some have come to understand that . . . . 

Communication is not you talking! 

Communication is far more than that. 

Perhaps, to be more clear — Effective communication is not you talking!

Grumble all you want about this-or-that Bible pastor-preacher [2] because you disagree with them theologically or “practice-ly.”   Nevertheless, they are not only biblical preachers, but effective preachers- communicators. One would do well to be curious enough as to ask the question — why!*  

They understand that “effective communication is far more than talking!”   

May I suggest again that knowing what the passage teaches is typically not the hard work of preaching.  If, after a few years of being a believer, laymen and women can read the Scriptures daily, and know what most passages are teaching, so can a preacher! The hard part, with most passages, involves — How to effectively drive home the truth of the passage to the minds and hearts of God’s people!  That’s the “gift” — to edify & build!  

There are many good and great Bible scholars and students, but not all have the gift of effectively communicating the truths and principles of Scripture! 

Start Here: Curious As To Why!

. . . . 

*Because “Talking Is Not Preaching,”
seeks to unwrap and quantify
what makes the difference.
Effectiveness can be learned & reproduced!

1. Martin Luther King’s speech, “I Have A Dream,” is just one example.  “Give Me Liberty” by Patrick Henry is another masterful speech!

2. Some chose to denounce men like Andy Stanley or Steven Furtick as heretics (nonsensical — They do not deny the foundational truths of the Gospel! Rather, they are graduates of well-known biblical seminaries and agree with the foundational truths taught in those schools ).  Nevertheless, some of the same critics are seemingly uncurious as to what makes them so effective!

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