Today’s Illustration: It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like That!

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Two “Elementary” Facts About Planet Earth: 


  • The planet Earth rotates around its axis once per day (almost) — 0.05 milliseconds shorter than 24 hours. — 86,400 seconds equals 24 hours. Therefore, scientists have added a “leap second” about every year-and-a-half
  • At the equator, you are moving approximately 1000 miles per hour.
  • At the poles, you are “standing still.”[1]


  • The planet earth orbits the Sun in 365 days, which we call a year
    — actually, every 365.242199 days, which is why we add a day every four years
  • The planet earth is moving at approximately 67,000 miles per hour around the Sun.
  • The planet earth is at approximately a 24-degree slant relative to the Sun, giving us seasons.

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Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • creation
  • trials / troubles
  • God’s presence
  • sanctification
  • feelings versus facts
  • “for we know”
  • angels
  • an inheritance
  • seen and unseen
  • “looked for a city”
  • open my eyes Lord

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Sermonic Example: There are several distinct ways that one can use illustrative material.

(use whatever you find useful in the above details)

“Every so often, you are reminded about what you were first taught in elementary school. For instance, when it comes to the planet Earth — If you were standing at the equator, you would be traveling at the speed of the rotation of the Earth, approximately 1000 MPH — actually 1,037 mph! You are moving even faster if you are north or south of the equator. It sure doesn’t feel like that — does it?

We were taught in elementary school that the whole planet Earth is also circling the Sun. We are told that our planet is moving around the Sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour, and it sure doesn’t feel like that — does it?

We are rotating around the earth at 1,000 mph and riding around the Sun at 67,000 mph — and It sure doesn’t feel like that!

Because of a number of different factors (gravity, centrifugal force, angular motion), our gigantic space ride is imperceptible — it feels like nothing at all as we live life. It is only as we think about what we were taught that we are amazed and even confused at what is happening — even though it doesn’t feel like it is happening.

The Bible shares realities that are equally as amazing, though typically unrealized as we live life. For instance, there is a host of heavenly beings which operate in this world, in a very real way, but imperceptibly. . . . .

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Other Information & Links:

1. At the poles, you are “standing still.”  Since it will take 24 hours to fully complete a rotation, you are standing still for all intents and purposes.  If you were standing at one of the poles of planet Earth, you would be “standing still.” It would be a very – very- very slow and prolonged rotation — taking 24 hours to just turn you around in a circle of a few feet.

One thought on “Today’s Illustration: It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like That!

  1. I have always been amazed that our natural default system seems to be based on “what I feel”. This is why it’s important to mull over deeply, and possibly begin to comprehend, the truths of God’s interaction and promises to us. All the while the world around us is thinking and reacting on a skin deep level but knowing there must be more.


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