Today’s Illustration: They Look Just Like Us — or Not!

In a recent Golf Digest article [1], the headline was . . .

“Tour winner tops shot into lake at Bay Hill. 
These guys are really good, but us weekend hackers savor the moments whey they look like us!”

“When it comes to PGA Tour bloopers, it’s going to be tough to top what Jon Rahm did on Thursday at the Arnold Palmer Invitational when the World No. 1 defied the laws of physics by missing a 10-inch putt. But that doesn’t mean we’re letting Corey Conners off the hook for what he did in the same round. Because, well, these guys are (really, really) good, so us weekend hackers really, really savor when they look like us.

Conners, a PGA Tour winner and one of the best ball-strikers on the planet, momentarily morphed into a 30-handicapper on Bay Hill’s famed par-5 6th hole. You know, the one where Bryson DeChambeau took that absurd line off the tee last year. Well, the Canadian took a more conventional approach to the boomerang hole and after a 294-yard drive down the middle, took a crack at the green from 273 yards. Then this happened:

You hate to see it. Well, again, unless you’re a chopper. In that case, you kind of love to see it. In fact, we see this all the time from that friend who waits for the green to clear in case he “really catches hold of one.”

Of course, this is where we remind everyone that pros are definitely not like us. Conners took his drop, found a greenside bunker from 234 yards for his fourth, then got up and down for a not-so-disastrous bogey. He also played the rest of his round in one under to post an opening even-par 72.

Nice bounce back, Corey. And hey, it’s better than missing a 10-inch putt. Maybe.”  [2]

. . . . .

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • the incarnation
  • Christmas
  • sinners
  • all have sinned
  • coming short
  • salvation
  • the Gospel
  • failure
  • mistakes
  • embarassed
  • loves us anyway
  • holiness
  • appearaances

. . . .

Sermonic Example:  

(Include whatever information you find useful)

. . . . At first when you hear of these two accounts — of missing a 10-inch or hitting into the lake — you find some comfort, but only some comfort because you then realize and understand that these golf pros are not just like us.  They can overcome their failures and finish in first place.  As golfer, they stand far beyond any of our abilities at the game.  They are in a category that we will never attain!  They may look like us at times, but they only look like us — briefly.

Jesus paid it all, all to Him we owe — because He was knew that we could never be holy enough.  We would always fall short.  We find comfort in that He never fell short and His sinless account was now ours. . . . .

1. Read outside of your field and interest.
I have never played golf and have little personal interest in the links — sorry.  I have learned a lot about it by reading articles about the game and thinking through illustrations that might pique the interest of golfers on a “Sunday morning.”

2. If you would like to see the video (it is amusing), here is the link

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