Homiletical Tips: #2 – Say It As An Event

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There are many simple ways a speaker can clarify, capture a thought, assist recall, and/or drive a point.  This example is one of many possible  “Homiletical Tips” that can help make your points stickier.

You might even want to compose a list of homiletical “tips” that you can use in your sermon preparation!

Here is another example to add to that list. . . . .

Sermonic List
Tip #1 – Changing A Day To A Experience: Previous Tip!

Tip #2 – Say It In A Way That Highlights An Event:  

Here is the typical way of saying it . . .

“I wish I had heard this sooner.”
“I wish someone had told me sooner.

How about . . . .

“I wish I had heard this one marriage ago.”

Here is the analytical pattern . . . .

Replace the typical generality with an actual event — [using time words — a number “before” “while” “when” “during” “as” “yesterday” “prior to” “at the beginning” “first”  — & an event].

  • “I wish I had heard this one job ago.”
  • “I wish I had heard before raising my first teenager.”
  • “I wish I had heard while I was dating.”
  • “I wish I had heard when I decided to invest my money into that business.”
  • “I wish I had heard during my college years.”
  • “I wish I had heard this as I was considering moving to New Jersey.”
  • “I wish I had heard this at the beginning of my search for a church.”
  • “I wish I had heard this two marriages ago.”

  1. We can not only think; we can think about our thoughts! — See Generating Ideas 


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