Rhetoric and Homiletics: Generating Ideas — or –“I never thought of it that way!”

The classical concept of “inventio” does not speak of “inventing something out of thin air,” but about the creative process in the preparation of a speech or sermon.

It is the ability to effectively state an idea that will stick, design an outline/progression of thought, create an introduction that engages the audience from the beginning, and/or conclude in a way that puts it all together for the audience.

“Inventio” is why different speakers are so vastly different in their ability to communicate. The ability to excite our processes of thinking in the study is part of the art of public speaking — and it is an art, not a science, that can be and is developed over time.

Two preachers can be preaching or teaching on the same passage, yet one can be engaging, and the other can be at the other end of the spectrum of effectiveness — yes absolutely boring!

Tony Evans is one of those “creative thinkers” when it comes to effectiveness in preaching. Here are some great thoughts, ideas, and statements from Tony Evans’ messages that may “kick-off” or generate new and different ways to develop a message creatively!

These quotes may give rise to . . . .

Tony Evans: Kingdom Men Rising: No More Excuses. *

  1. It can be rough changing people who don’t want to be changed.
  2. It’s hard to man-up if you cannot even stand up.
  3. My father would always remind me God is in control.
  4. My father was always reminding me I was the son of a King.  I was a King’s kid.
  5. Because of my spiritual influence, I could not limit myself to the reality I saw.
  6. My father laid the foundation of my faith and spiritual development… A foundation of responsibility… He would do whatever it took to take care of our family.
  7. You gave me a hand-up but it also came with responsibility.
  8. There are so many young men today who don’t see hope…  It is so important to have men who offer hope and don’t take away responsibility.
  9. You’ve got all these kids with no fathers at home.
  10. My father’s commitment not to give up… astounds me.
  11. I don’t know how the culture can get better when the church can’t get along… It’s not a skin problem.  It’s a sin problem.
  12. We own the responsibility of calling a culture in decline, calling the men back.
  13. You know you’re lame when everyone else has to take care of you because you can’t take care of yourself.
  14. Discipleship can be formal but it can also be informal.
  15. What we have missing is discipleship and exchanged it for church membership.
  16. A man can find an excuse for not doing what he was created to be.
  17. You can be transformed as a man and be used to transform boys into men.
  18. Lameness can set in as an addiction.
  19. We need Kingdom Men Rising because we’ve got Kingdom men missing.
  20. You can be a male and not a man.  Malehood has to do with your biological gender.  Manhood has to do with submission to your divine authority.
  21. The culture has made sex an idol and it is sucking men in by the droves.
  22. Anytime I’m on a stage I think of my father and my grandfather.
  23. A man has to accept culture will no longer define him…  God will define him and everyone else has to adjust…  You will bring your faith into the culture and not be defined by the culture.
  24. We were sharing a common faith in a common Savior during a time of crisis.
  25. Eternity is bigger than time and it allows you to operate in time much better.
  26. One of the things missing today is the blessing… This is where the father spoke blessings into the son.
  27. Speaking the blessings cannot be delegated to the wife.
  28. The main thing is that God matters more than anything else.
  29. Being a Kingdom man doesn’t mean you’re a king.  Being a Kingdom man really means you submit to the King who made you a man… When you understand submission you can follow the greatest leader of all-time.
  30. I don’t have a lot of time for whining… Because when I bring Jesus Christ into the equation, I’ve changed the story.

*Link to original source

53 Quotes From The Tony Evans Film Kingdom Men Rising: No More Excuses

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