Christological Preaching: Stopocalypse!

See the source image  Stopocalypse — We Are Going The Wrong Way!

In a recent television advertisement, which I used as an example of a rhetorical technique in a previous post,  the runners are trying to get the earth spinning again.  However, they are all running the wrong direction.  Kevin Hart tries to tell everyone that they must turn around and run in the opposite direction in order to get the earth spinning clockwise!  Finally, when the news reporter announces that they are going the wrong direction, Kevin Hart repeatedly shouts — “I knew it! I knew it! I knew I was right!”

That is how I felt when I listened to John Mac Arthur address the subject of Christological preaching! ——- “I knew it, I knew it!”

Listen to MacArthur’s clip from a message on October 9, 2018 — “The Clarity of Scripture.” = link to the full message.

This video clip on Christological Preaching begins at the 23-minute mark of the full presentation!

Here is a truncated transcript from that portion in the session on Christological Preaching . . . .

another approach that deeply concerning
in the contemporary evangelical church
and it’s what we’ll call the
Christocentric hermeneutic some used to
call it the Christological grid.
it sounds very noble it is very dangerous
but the christological grid essentially
says look you you have to find Christ in
every text you have to find Christ in
every passage so that rather than an
inductive approach to the Bible you have
a deductive approach to the Bible.
you bring your theology you bring your
Christology to the Bible and you push
Christ into every text this was very
popular in some old allegorical forms
rabbinic algorism from the Old Testament
picked up by some New Testament
interpreters very very much a part of
the traditional Lutheran approach to
handling the Word of God it looks for
Jesus Christ in every text Jesus has to
be in every passage Jesus is the
hermeneutic and what this does is then
ask every single passage does this
like what Jesus would say
or does this sound like what Jesus would do not — he
wouldn’t say that and he wouldn’t do that
somebody asked me one time the study
of a tabernacle what what is the what is
the board in the back of the tabernacle
to indicate and I said to hold the roof
it sounds very noble to say I have a
Christological hermeneutic it sounds
very very Christ honoring to say I want
to find Christ in every text but the
problem is Christ is not in every text
that leads to a very dangerous
[this] hermeneutic ignores the purpose
of the Old Testament revelation it it
has a way of stripping the Old Testament
of its own revelation its own
inspiration its own authority and it
makes the Old Testament a book of riddles
it leaves Old Testament writers and Old
Testament readers in the dark if they
don’t know what anything meant until the
New Testament

all they could do was misunderstand it was

impossible for them to understand

because there was no New Testament so

you don’t have progressive revelation at

all the Bible doesn’t go from from error to truth

it goes from incompleteness to completeness

it’s progressive revelation

but it is revelation.



One of the most potent arguments concerning the modern-day Christological movement to see Christ in all the Scriptures is that the Old Testament would have little meaning to the Old Testament saints since they lacked the New Testament perspective we have — looking back.

What did they find helpful, comforting, instructive, doctrinal, reproving, corrective as they learned about God and His ways throughout the twenty-seven books of the Old Testament?  Or were they just left befuddled by it all?

There is no doubt that some passages left them befuddled and some passages in both the Old & New Testament still leave us befuddled today.  Nevertheless, was there no practical value or so-called “moralisms” which helped them live life in a way which pleased Jehovah?

Could they read the accounts of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Daniel, David, Nehemiah, Shadrack-Meshack-Abednego, Mordecai, Solomon, Saul, etc. and find some practical value in how to live life as a believer?  — even though they did not understand the coming of Christ in all the fullness we have today — nor did even the disciples of the Lord’s day!


Stopocalypse:  We Are Going The Wrong Way!


Finally, someone with a far wider audience — such as John MacArthur — is pointing out the error of a hermeneutic which sees and imposes Christ in all the Scripture.

As I stated . . . .

All Scripture Assumes Christ,

But Not All Scripture Is Specifically About Christ!



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