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On This Day: New Business Start Up In 2017 — “Cliff Notes On Steroids!”

“Read It For Me” is an interesting internet business and business model for those who are always looking for new ideas.   You can read more about it in the “Facts & Information” section below.  It summarizes what they have to say about their business on their own website pages — I read it for you already.

You can also go to their website home page and see an example of exactly what they provide through an actual example of “Read It For Me” on the book —  “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan — a worthwhile 12 minute listen and example!

Nevertheless, I thought that this business and/or business model might provide a simple illustration, even though limited in its application — see “Key Illustrative Thoughts” below.


Facts & Information:

Founder: Steve Cunningham [professed believer]

WebAddress:  ReadItFor.Me

Business Purpose: “ReadItForMe” is a unique service for those who would like to have an understanding of the basic ideas contained in some of the most popular books of the day.

“It was created by a company called – who create 12 minute video/audio/test summaries of the world’s most popular business and personal development books, and have thousands of entrepreneurs, executives and leaders around the world as customers.  Leaders in business, athletics, education, and non-profits . . . .”  — Brian Dodd

Its focus is primarily ideas from business and personal development books.

It does not merely summarize the content but discusses the key ideas of the book and typically explains them in detail — all within about 12 minutes.

Currently, they state that there are about 150 such books on business and leadership which have been detailed for the reader in a video format — 150 books= 1800 minutes / 30 hours of material

Members [and I imagine non-members] of this service are also invited to submit their own books for review and use.

A new branch or “sub-division” of this business has been started which revolves around “ReadItForMe” as it relates to Christian book publications –It is called  “Ember”.

It could be called — “Cliff Notes” on steroids

Comes in text, audio, or video format — (remarkably – animated video!)

It is a for profit business — Presently, $29.00 a month or $299.00 a year.


Key Illustrative Thoughts: The illustrative value of this interesting and useful internet business is in no way designed to disparage the value of this secular business.  Rather, it is to contrast it with the reading, preaching, and teaching of the Scriptures.

• There is no “ReadItForMe” when it comes to the Bible
• “The Bereans” of the Bible would have gone back to the Scriptures to check it out!
• Is that really what it says?
• “I thought it said . . . . ”
• Who told you that?
• I need to read the whole book!
• The Bible: No proxies will do — read it for yourself!
• Read it for yourself!
• It doesn’t teach that!
• Are you sure the Bible says that?

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