Preaching: Living In The World of Words

See the source image  A Way Of Saying It!

We live in the world of WORDS!

While teaching Public Address at Keiser University (Clearwater, Florida) in recent years, I had the students come in each day and quickly present to the class a new word which they had learned.  I suggested that they go to one of the online websites which posted “Today’s Word” — or “Word of the Day”.

Why — the answer is obvious!  If you are going to become proficient in Public Address, words matter!

I also challenged them to find, and even more than find, to make up new words. It is called a “portmanteau.”

You can do that by . . . .

changing nouns into verbs — “verbing”
changing verbs into nouns
changing verbs into adjectives
combining words — screenager
adding a prefix – declutter
adding a suffix – Presidentiable


Some examples of that include . . . . Facebook / MySpace / Google / Brunch . . . . or . . . .

thinkertoys — ideas to play around with in your mind

ride-diculous — a ridiculous kind of ride

game-storming — using games to brainstorm

Work-iversary — Happy Work-iversary

Sloring — sleepy and boring

Pictionary — a dictionary that leans heavily on the visual – pictures

Psychobabble — a derogatory description of psychology

Republicrat — A Republican who really is a Democrat.

Quadrupledecker — four layer hamburger

Splendiferous — very splendid

Hangry — hungry and angry

Hanitizer – hand sanitizer

Gagacious — make you gag

Wonderlishous – wonder and delicious

Yistory — a year of history

Kistory – a 1000 years of history

Youniverse — your world

You can also go to the “Word Generator” —

or even

“Fake Word Generator”  —

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