Words Matter: “Spied” or “Surveilled?”

words matter WM



Our World Is Words!

You may believe that you know where I am going immediately if you follow the political news of our day.  I well imagine that some readers may have clicked on the page just because of the words which headlined this post.

Nevertheless, this is not a political post in any sense of the word, other than that the point being made comes from what has taken place over the past weeks in American politics.

Words Matter!

The choice of words — spied / surveilled — make a difference, a real difference in the minds of those on both sides of the aisle – both to those who believed that it was “spying” — spied on is the right word! — and to those who believe that the FBI / government doesn’t do “spying,” they only do “electronic surveillance!”

“Spying” is a radioactive term to hearers of either political persuasion — to those who want to make the point or to those who believe that it was an overreach.

Whatever your take – politically — remember this political hubbub for what it teaches about communication — words matter!

That is why have a thesaurus or similar reference books available is important to those who spend their lives in the world of words.

Words carry different . . . .

emotional content

Let me suggest a great online thesaurus . . . .


. . . . as well as suggest grabbing a hold of a “Dictionary of Related Words” — which calls up words which are not synonyms, but words which are related to that word.  For instance – a synonym to the word “car” might be . . . .


. . . . but related words include . . . .

passenger car

However, “The Dictionary of Related Words” does not exist as such!  You will have to do “workarounds” to have such a dictionary and/or create your own!

It is invaluable to “inventio” — the creative process of public address.

I have been working on mine for some time and find it valuable when I am thinking about / brainstorming as to how to develop an idea, an illustration, an analogy, an introduction, a point, or I am just stuck thinking about what that word is, but it is related to _____cars______.

Link To Limited Sample Version

After all, as a speaker or a preacher . . . . 

You will be working in the world of words
for just about the remainder of your whole life


Words Matter!

words matter WM


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