Rhetoric & Homiletics: Told You He Was Good At This!

. . . . 

I just finished listening to a 40-minute message by Tony Evans — It felt like 10 minutes because he is such an effective communicator!

To spend one’s life as a communicator, a preacher, and not listen to some of the best practitioners of the art of public address is a significant misstep. Homiletics is not a battle between. . . . 

√ trusting in the Spirit of God to take the Word of God and apply it to the hearts of men and women, 


√ seeking to effectively communicate biblical truths and principles in the most effective ways and means, informed by experience and education.


It is — BOTH/AND! 

If you do not hold that position, then listening to other speakers and preachers who are effective communicators is not your area of interest. 

It is for those who know that communication skills can be learned.

It is for preachers who know that they can improve as they engage in the art of public address and progressively understand how communication works.

It is as you realize that Tony Evans is a preacher from whom one can learn to create analogical illustrations. His ability at “analogical illustrations” is worth emulation (not plagiarism).

It is as you see how he takes the ordinary in life and living and develops from it an illustration, that the skill can be duplicated over and over.


“Now remember, for every spiritual principle, there is a physical illustration.”

— [Audio Clip Link The Heart] — Tony Evans


Here is the link to his recent message, which illustrates the use of analogy.

After listening to him on this topic and his use of analogy, I think you will say . . . . 

He Is Good!

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