Today’s Illustration: The Precautions Tell You The Danger!

What: “A pyrophoric substance (from Greek πυροφόρος, pyrophoros, “fire-bearing”) ignites spontaneously in air at or below 130 °F or with contact to water

  • You must make sure there is no oxygen or water present.
  • If you use a syringe to extract any of it, you must make sure the syringe is completely dry and contains an inert gas that does not react to the substance.
  • Some of the substances that are pyrophoric include: phosphorus, sodium, or metal & non-metal hydride

Here are some of the general guidelines must be followed while working with pyrophoric materials.

  • Use a glovebox when possible.
  • Ensure your glassware is DRY before assembly and introducing any pyrophoric substance.
  • Thoroughly purge all air from the apparatus with the proper inert gas.
  • Syringes may also be used to withdraw small quantities of liquid reagent from containers when a supply of inert gas is provided to displace the quantity withdrawn.
  • Ensure these are gas-tight syringes.
  • Select and use the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Never work alone when using this substance.
  • Ensure someone can see or hear you.
  • A MetL-X fire extinguisher or powdered lime should be available in the lab.
  • ABC and CO2 extinguishers can cause some pyrophorics to react more vigorously.
  • Do not clean up spills.
  • Contain the spill and/or extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely.
  • Evacuate the lab and contact Public Safety (911 from a campus or 609-258-7882 from a cell phone) immediately.

Recommended Personal Protective Equipment 

  • Wear closed toed shoes made of a nonporous material, leather is preferred.
  • Use a face shield and chemical splash goggles to protect your face.
  • Wear a cloth labcoat or apron that can be quickly removed if needed.
  • Do not use plastic that can melt and adhere to your clothing/skin in event of a fire.
  • Use fire-resistant outer gloves with good dexterity are recommended.
  • Know where the nearest safety shower is from the reaction area.

In The Event Of An Emergency 

  • If there is fire on your clothing or skin, stop-drop-and roll, unless you are within a few feet of a safety shower.
  • Keep in mind that unreacted materials may reignite until they are washed off.
  • Do not clean up spills.
  • Contain the spill and/or extinguish the fire only if you can do so safely.
  • Evacuate the lab and contact Public Safety (911 from a campus or 609-258-3333 from a cell phone) immediately. [1]

Key Biblical Thoughts:

  • sin
  • sin unto death
  • temptations
  • Satan
  • Hell
  • warnings
  • wisdom
  • make no provision
  • wickedness
  • a way that seemeth right
  • “Enter not into the path of the wicked”
  • Samson

Sermonic Example:

There are substances in this world, that when you read the precautions, reveal how dangerous they are.  The precautions alert you to the dangerous nature of the substance.  Sometimes it is a prescription that lists all the possible side-effects.  At other times it is a warning sign about the presence of something, “Do Not Enter Without Protective Equipment.”  Sometimes, the list of precautions one must take in handling a substance says it all . . . .

Here are some of the precautions indicated for handling a particular substance . . . .

(use whatever information and details you might find useful)

Those are the precautions that one must take when handling a pyrophoric substance.  A pyrophoric substance is one that will ignite spontaneously if exposed to air or water.

Just look at the warnings, the precautions, the admonitions and you can tell it is dangerous and how dangerous it is to experiment with it.

The book of Proverbs gives us warnings, admonitions, and precautions about three areas of life — sexual promiscuity, laziness, and foolish companions. . . . .

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