Today’s Illustration: Checkmate!

As Tony Evans says . . . .

“Now remember, for every spiritual principle, there is a physical illustration.”

AND . . . read outside of your field and interest!

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Key Illustrative Thoughts:

  • disobedience
  • trials / troubles
  • judgement
  • rebellion
  • winning
  • losing
  • blunders
  • playing church like chess
  • It is always “checkmate.”
  • It’s “checkmate” before the first pawn is moved
  • eschatology / end times
  • Satan
  • the cross was checkmate
. . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . 

Sermonic Example:

It is a terrible decision to sit down and play chess with the Lord.  Before the first piece is moved, the outcome is already checkmate.

Oh at times, it looks like the game is on and various moves are taking place, and even the outcome may look precarious.  But never be confused as to how the match will end, the same way it began — checkmate from the first move on the board.

You will witness that reality with Haaman, the Pharaoh, Saul, Belteshazzar, Saul who became Paul, and finally at the Great Day of the Lord!

It is always checkmate from the beginning, no matter how long the Lord patiently plays out the match. It will take only a moment for any opponent to realize what he has done and that the loss is imminent! Game Over!


2 thoughts on “Today’s Illustration: Checkmate!

  1. “Now remember, for every spiritual principle, there is a physical illustration.”
    When I was a youth director, I would always have the teens experience physically, in a game or skit or demonstration somehow to use as the illustration for the spiritual concept given for that meeting. Kids caught on and they would try to guess the concept before I gave it.
    So what good is a teen scavenger hunt (accuse the youth director of just fun and games).
    How many people live their whole life on a scavenger hunt for happiness? peace? fulfillment? purpose? excitement? The ultimate relationship?…
    Kids would often say “my parents should hear this….”


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